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PS Vita port?
03-16-2019, 09:07 AM
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PS Vita port?
Has anyone tried to port PPSSPP to Vita? Have the devs talked ever about porting it to Vita and how difficult would it be considering the power it has?
PSP games with native Vita resolution would be a blessing.
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03-17-2019, 04:29 PM
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RE: PS Vita port?
Someone has made a hack to force the PSP hardware in the Vita to render some GTA games at native resolution. It has some downsides:
* It has to draw at 16-bit color instead of 32-bit color.
* FPS is worse, in the low 20s from what I heard.
* There are glitches.
* This required a lot of effort and hacking for this specific game.

So, we can gather that even using the native PSP hardware that's in the Vita device won't give us a way to achieve this effectively.

However, the Vita CPU can clock up to a max 494 Mhz, and the GPU is an older PowerVR SGX543MP4. So that means it's probably equivalent to using an Android phone from 8 years ago or so.

Suffice it to say, performance would be terrible. The device is not very powerful at all.

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