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MGS Peace Walker Problem
01-24-2018, 08:59 PM
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MGS Peace Walker Problem
Hello there, first time posting because i never had a problem like this.

Before explaining the problem, i need to say that this problem has NEVER occurred during my playthrough with my friend. We finished the game with no problems whatsoever and when we started doing the Extra Ops, this problem started happening.

What happens is, we join a lobby, start the OP, and we play for 1 minute or 30 seconds (it varies a lot, don't know why too) and suddenly my friend's FPS drops to 1 and it stays like that until i (or him) disconnect,when i disconnect from the game, his FPS goes to 20 again and all is normal. (Note: He never had FPS issues and i'm hosting) So we tried to make him host a game and me joining, same problem. In my vision he simply stops or keeps running in circles while the words "CONNECTION UNSTABLE" are in red and stays like that for some time.

Sometimes the game simply works with no problems, but sometimes we cannot play and there's nothing we can do about it (as far as we know)
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