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What is your game console you Never Regret To Sell it?
04-17-2016, 04:17 PM
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What is your game console you Never Regret To Sell it?
Hi PSP Fans,Im happy wong,i still new on PPSSPP Forum,but im using PPSSPP For quite a long time.Started from 0.9.1. to most latest 1.2.2 .

Soo my question is simple:What is your game console you selling back and Never get Regret of? The reason why i asking this question is,i do own a PS2 Before,but im not
purposely to buy this console,actually my goal is to buy a budget gaming PC,which i dream about long time ago(when i was young).This is happen around 8 years ago,when i just finish secondary school and started my first career.When those time i got limited budget,i had noo choice but end up buying a PS2,Which im absolute not familiar with,and this is the first time im get into console world.....

The reason why i didnt regret for selling my PS2 is:
1)A Good quality PS2 DVD Games is Hard to get,and its Very Expensive,mostly problematic too(On my living country South East Asia,which people doesnt have enough money to buy Original Games,Well,to respect the PPSSPP Forum,i wont discuss too much on this stuff,you get the point friends : )

2)The PS2 Games is WAY Too hard to play,the games that i mention And trying to kill me,is Gran Turismo 4 Angry .I had used 24/7 hours just only to unlock licence and collecting a cars,i just wanna Collecting A Cars,Why the hell they wanna make me too difficult to play?And im not gets used to it on PS2 Controller,when the first time i got the PS2,im absolute not familiar on joystick ,and i was a PC Gamer,playing with a joystick Really gave me Alots of trouble,well... now i already get used to it(Using a F310 PC Joystick for PPSSPP).

3)Im actually not interested in PS2 Games, i do know that was Tons of AAA Titles games, which i still not gave them a try or play them.

4) PS2 Is difficult to put third party save file into ps2 memory card.Not like a PSP,which we can easy to put 100 save data and play it without a Sweat haha!

Anyway those are the reason i dont like a PS2,i do Strongly believe you guys might disagree with me,haha :cool:Although i have a good experience on my PS2 with my family and especially my nephew.By the ways i had bought a PSP E1008,for my very first steps on collecting a PSP console and UMD Games,surprisingly found very Dirt-Cheap on my country,sadly noo one even care to collect those UMD games XD.

What is your console which you had selling and Never Look Back? Mostly i founded about this article on google is about selling the console and regret it,i would like to hear you story and discuss it.

PC:Pentium G2020 ,Gigabyte Geforce GT630 1GB,8GB Kingston Ram
PSP: E1008 White Street
PC Joystick: Logitech F310
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