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My modding revision for Star Wars Battlefront II
01-23-2016, 08:01 AM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2016 08:54 AM by AnthonyBF2.)
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My modding revision for Star Wars Battlefront II
Greetings! I am Anthony, long time player for Battlefront 2 and long time user of PPSSPP. I want to start with a thank you to all who make PPSSPP so great!

I will keep things short. I have been digging in the Battlefront 2 mod tools for a good long time (For the PC version) and have recently began converting some things into the PSP version of the game. This is an ongoing project and currently has lots of issues but is being improved on as time continues.

So far we've gotten lots of new content for the game;

- A few custom maps by PC modders who've given us their assets
- Revived several of the unused levels that are in the default game
- Converted 3 or 4 maps from the original Star Wars Battlefront
- New skins and textures for some characters and models
- New vehicles, with more of the default vehicles on default maps
- New heroes
- New types of game modes
- Fake Console(a long list of various functions you can enter during game play)
- Free Camera(a tool where you can pause and look around without playing)

The point of this thread is to see who likes the game and would like to help me in any way possible, and for testing/testers. My official project page is on That website is the modding community for SWBF series games.
My particular project page can be found here:

Thanks for your time! Big Grin
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