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PS3 controller Dpad and Analog problems
08-25-2015, 03:40 AM
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Exclamation PS3 controller Dpad and Analog problems
I'm new here, so sorry if posted in wrong spot. I'm using a PS3 controller with the program Sixaxis. I mapped all the buttons in PPSSPP and Sixaxis, so they should work fine, but they don't, and yes I've remapped multiple times and reinstalled both softwares. My problem is when ever I use the left analog stick, or dpad, it is like I am pressing them both at the same time. For instance, I want to play Def Jam, when ever I move the left analog stick left to move my character left, it also presses the left dpad button. So my character does a taunt, then moves left. This is extremely irritating and annoying to deal with. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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08-29-2015, 06:11 AM (This post was last modified: 08-29-2015 06:31 AM by Anim8rDude.)
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RE: PS3 controller Dpad and Analog problems
Hopefully I'm not too late. I use a PS3 controller as well, (not with Sixaxis however) and fixed this problem many times if you don't mind an alternative! I'll even guide you every step of the way (it's easy, don't worry). This is Windows-Only mind-you.

Anyway, first download this (fix the "http");
h ttp://

This is kind of a custom package of MotionInJoy (you may have heard of it) that I put together.
Usually you need the online version to actually install the necessary drivers, but all I did was take the offline version & put these "necessary drivers" in their designated folders. In short; completely offline & it works.

As for getting your PS3 controller working, let's just go step-by-step, bullet point style!

-Extract the [MotioninJoy 0.7.1 Offline Installer] rar.
-Plug in your PS3 controller.
-Run MotionInJoy.exe in the "ds3" folder.
-Click the "Local" tab at the top.
-Click on "Driver Manager" directly under the "Local tab". You may need to "Grant permission from administrator" at some point. After clicking yes, MotionInJoy will restart (if not, restart it on your own).
-At the "Driver Manager" menu, you should be able to see your PS3 controller. If you do, Click the "Install All" tab.
-After clicking it, you'll see the "Installing Drivers" Windows notification in the corner. Click on that bubble; wait t'ill all the Drivers are finished installing (may take a couple of minutes).
-When finished installing, close MotionInJoy, regardless of what it says. You'll never need to see that green screen again!

Take a quick breather.
-(Optional) You can delete the "ds3" folder, but keep the .rar. The package is pretty nifty; works great for re-installing drivers & at installing in on other computers. Worked on 7 others, including two Windows XP (one of them being mine lol).

-Open up "Better DS3" that came along with the .rar . This is what you'll be using whenever you plug in a PS3 controller. An excellent upgrade from MotionInJoy.
-To the left you'll see all connected PS3 controllers. Click on the one you're using.
-Now you need to select a profile. Since this is your first time, you need to create one. Click on the "New" tab then "XInput".
-You can name your profile to something like "Controller 1", then click on the "Auto Fill: Xbox 360".
-At the bottom right, you can customize your LED to differentiate between controller number. Click "Save Profile" when you're done.

Congratulations! All the work pays off; whenever you feel like booting up a game, simply do this:

-Run "Better DS3".
-Plug in a PS3 controller.
-Select your controller, Select your profile, then click on "Apply".

Once you hit apply, your custom LEDs will light up signaling that the controller is fully active. In PPSSPP controls menu, there's should be an Auto-Fill Xbox 360 Layout button of some sort. Click on that & you're ready to go!

Hopefully this wasn't too long nor complicated, & provides a solution to your problem. Better DS3 is great with other emulators as well, so you can give that a shot too.
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