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Lord of Arcana
11-20-2014, 07:58 PM
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RE: Lord of Arcana
Hi all so i've been playing around with Lord of Arcana EU for a little while now with it's settings I got the install data loaded and the game runs even smoother than normal. it is only possible to manually install the data at this time. I used 7-zip to accomplish this by extracting the .ISO(not .CSO 7-zip won't read .CSO) to a Lord of Arcana Folder "Lord of Arcana\PSP_GAME\INSDIR" is the folder where the install data is located. Winrar may be able to do it as well but I don't use it.

so here's step by step on how to install the data.

uncompress .cso to .iso if it's compressed

1. extract ISO to it's own folder ex. right-click Lord of Arcana.iso > 7-zip > Extract to "Lord of Arcana\"

2. Navigate to "\Lord of Arcana\PSP_GAME\INSDIR\"

3. Start PPSSPP with Lord of Arcana loaded in the main menu attempt to install the game data it will hang keep ppsspp running, this is normal even in the latest version that was released today.

4. Open a new file browsing window go to "\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULES01507GAMEDATA\"

5. Copy "REGFILEE.RZP" and "SND0.at3" to "\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULES01507GAMEDATA\"

6. Go back to the first file browser window go up one folder so you are in "\Lord of Arcana\PSP_GAME\"

7. Copy PARAM.SFO to "\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULES01507GAMEDATA\"

8. You can now close ppsspp it is frozen but now we will have the game data installed

9. Start Lord of Arcana back up go to options and turn on Install Data.

I noticed that in the log console REGFILEE.RZP wasn't found when attempting to install the game data.. that was very odd so I extracted the ISO and this method works for installing the game data, if you want to make sure game data is installed attempt to install it again from the main menu it will tell you it is installed on the memory card

Reinzhart turn on "VFP rounding (Disable for old GEB saves)" under the system section
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02-27-2015, 04:44 AM
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RE: Lord of Arcana
hi everyone i need help with lord of arcana i gave my friend the game to start play together online but when we are in the same room he cant see me and i cant see him we use hameche for online plz anyone have idea?
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