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[Request] Fate/Tiger Colosseum - GriffinDragoon2021 - 01-30-2014 11:11 PM

Title: Fate/Tiger Colosseum
Genre: Fighting
Reigion: JP
Format: ISO
OS: Android
Compatibility: Playable
Notes: Codes on and the game stops at the logo
Game is fate tiger Colosseum for the my ppsspp on my android tablet. It's a 3D fighting game that I really enjoy but is kind of difficult.
The developers are capcom but the franchise is owned by type-moon. The codes I found on the cheat.db DON'T work at all. Can anyone help me find codes that actually work? Here are the codes that DON'T work
_S ULJM-05266
_G Fate/Tiger Colosseum[JP]
_L 0x0040CE22 0x000042C8
_L 0x0085DDA2 0x000042C8
_C0 HP
_L 0x0040CCBE 0x000042C8
_L 0x0085B19E 0x000042C8
_C0 MP
_L 0x0040CCEE 0x000042C8
_L 0x0085B19E 0x000042C8
_C0 TIME Point
_L 0x0040DAB8 0x000000FF

please help me find codes that work. Thanks
Best Regards, GriffinDragoon2021

RE: Fate/Tiger Colosseum - vnctdj - 01-31-2014 04:35 PM

Thank you for adding codes for this game, I will update my thread Smile