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RE: Wipeout Pure - chroma - 12-11-2013 02:17 PM

Actually... I still get performance/stuttering issues on both my i3 and i7 machines, mainly in single races and mainly when other ships are using weapons; and I still suffer from 30fps in free play mode as well. Just keeping you honest Wink

RE: Wipeout Pure - Henrik - 12-11-2013 07:10 PM

30fps in free play is an unsolved mystery Smile Stuttering would probably be texture scaling? Otherwise I'm not seeing much stutter...

RE: Wipeout Pure - xZabuzax - 12-11-2013 09:03 PM

(12-11-2013 02:17 PM)chroma Wrote:  Actually... I still get performance/stuttering issues on both my i3 and i7 machines, mainly in single races and mainly when other ships are using weapons; and I still suffer from 30fps in free play mode as well. Just keeping you honest Wink

Like Henrik said, it is probably texture scaling turned on, i usually have that same problem in this game with texture scaling on, but when it's off i get full speed in my aging e8200 all the time, and my processor is not even o/c.

Also good to know the blooming effect is finally fixed with buffered rendering on, these Wipeout games are pretty darn good.

RE: Wipeout Pure - chroma - 12-12-2013 06:45 AM

Nope, texture scaling is turned off. Can provide my settings if desired. Pure is the only game I've tried on my i7 that still suffers low performance for me, everything is smooth, including WO Pulse.

It shouldn't be a graphics issue either, my HD5870 card should be more than capable of handling anything PPSSPP could throw at it unless there are serious emulator compatibility problems with AMD cards.

RE: Wipeout Pure - The Phoenix - 12-20-2013 03:23 AM

Update: On Windows (x86) build using v0.9.6-154-gaf1c326

Notes: Game runs perfect using Non-Buffered Rendering & Vsync both On.

Graphics look perfect, as does the audio & music.
Only Negative are the video screens don't display anything while in race, but are not important.

RE: Wipeout Pure - curraja - 02-01-2014 07:16 PM

As for me Pure and Pulse lags ALOT while Pure doesnt lag that much (but still a bit painfull to play on android) so both games lags and sometimes i circuits miss textures and all that stuff (android )

WipEout Pure (EU) - TheXTR09 - 05-26-2014 04:15 AM

Title: WipEout Pure
Genre: Racing
Region: EU
Format: ISO
Version: v0.9.8
Game ID: UCES00001P0000
Compatability: Ingame
Notes: Able to made it into the game, but got stuck after a second of the emulation.

RE: WipEout Pure (EU) - Henrik - 05-31-2014 07:02 PM

Really? Wipeout Pure should be fully playable. What hardware are you running on?

RE: WipEout Pure - vnctdj - 12-29-2014 10:43 PM


RE: WipEout Pure - gazagda - 01-03-2015 03:49 AM

It seems the solution so far for me has been "non-buffered rendering(speed hack)" I selected that option and that took away my white screens and sped up the game for me.The other settings in the emulator did not make a difference. Running ppsspp ,64bit version
my rig:
intel i5 4.2k Ghz
8gigz ram
windows 7 home edition(64bit)
gygabyte HD 7970 Ghtz edition

RE: WipEout Pure - Dukatti - 01-05-2015 05:18 PM

For now when game use 30 fps [free play, time attack, zone] it can be played on Android without frameskip/speedhacks (:
But when it goes to race on Tab 3 with x86/powerVR/GL 2.0 it should skip 2 frames to fullspeed. Because during the race there 60 fps instead of 30 T__T

But when CPU goes to 45 and less there is a massive flickering and also fullspeed even without frameskip Smile
Maybe there is something can be found for flickering on 45 Mhz?

All the same and for Pulse [on last rev 45 crashes but 44 flickers with ~fullspeed]. And at least Moa Therma can be played in full beauty with buffered render on.

RE: WipEout Pure - entangledinchaos - 10-30-2015 07:33 AM

Hey Henrik,

Not sure if you knew this already or if you'll see this but the game had been running great until I did a Gamma Tournament on Vector difficulty. After completing the first race on Exostra Run right when it saves your result but before it asks you to go to the next race it locks up and ppsspp shuts down. Any thoughts or experience with this?


RE: WipEout Pure - entangledinchaos - 11-02-2015 06:16 AM

Update #2

For anyone still interested in any updates on this game's performance in this emulator, I can now report that the Descension Tournament also breaks when finishing Exostra Run. Automatically locks up and kicks out to Windows. Same set up as my previous post. Please make a note of it.

RE: WipEout Pure - [Unknown] - 11-03-2015 12:36 AM

Does that happen with default settings? Cheats off, etc.?

If yes, does it still happen with System -> "Fast memory" turned off? I do have the game (US version) - can you share a save, or how can I get to this crash easily?


RE: WipEout Pure - Hot Violet - 02-06-2016 03:04 PM

Hi. I just registered so that I can let you know that the 30 fps during free play and time attack and the slow down and lag during weapons fire still persist. Both these issues occur regardless of whether I use OGL or Direct3D. I have tried all the suggestions in this thread (ie/ texture scaling off etc). Nothing affects these issues.

I'm using the latest nightly build (v1.1.1-888-g609c8eb).

I have Windows 7 Pro x64, i7 4770k @ 3.5 GHz, GTX 780 GPU and 8 gigs of RAM. All drivers are up to date. Smile