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cw cheats installation! - [email protected] - 01-12-2014 08:17 AM

(pzl help me in installing this steps in my ppsspp in android tab2 )

WWE'11 Reloaded the Official Expansion Pack ISO
By PSPortableR8

*How To Install Smile

- Connect Your PSP The CPU (IF you Don't Know How to Do That You Might As Well Not Even Go Any Further)
- Drag The "WWE'11 Reloaded (Expansion ISO)" ISO File To The ISO Folder.
- Drag The "seplugins" Folder To The Root Of your Memory Stick (If You Don't Know Where The Root Of Your Memory Stick
Is You Might As Well Stop Here)
- Drag The "ULUS105430000" To The PSP/SAVEDATA Folder Of The PSP Memory Stick.
- That's It Smile


*How To Use ?

- Once The Game Start Up & CW Cheat Is Installed & Enabled , Hold Select & It WILL Pop Up. Change These Settings
[ 0] CPU frequence
[ 0] BUS frequence


[333] CPU frequence
[166] CPU frequence

That Stops ALL Lag (With Titantrons, Gameplay, 6 Man Battle Royal Problems, Etc.)


*How To Play With Hacked People In The Main Menu ? Divas vs Supserstars?

- Enable Cheat Codes. Pick A Character That You Want To Play With, BUT CLICK X Only ONCE. When It Says Click X For
Ready & Sqaure For Advanced , Hold Select. When The Menu Comes Up, Click Select Cheats, & Disable The Cheats For
"All Players FEMALE Gender_" That Would Make All The Players Male. Once Disable, Click O Two Times & There You Go Smile



*What CFW Does This Hack Run On?

- The Save Runs On CFW 6.39 ME-9.2 & I Believe All Other 6.xx CFW's. The ISO Works On ALL Custom Firmwares. If you Are
Using 5.50 GEN,Please Use The Save Located in the 5.xx CFW Folder.