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Save states - levedge - 01-01-2014 06:23 PM

Hi! This is my first time with this emulator and when I save state (with F1) it saves save state 1 the first time, save state 2 the second time I push F1, etc. So if I want to load the last save state, sometimes I need to press F3 (load state) 5 times.. what is up with that? Thanks in advance!

RE: Save states - TheDax - 01-02-2014 12:46 AM

You've got your hotkeys mixed up.

F3 changes the savestate slot in use.
F2 saves the savestate.
F4 loads the savestate.

RE: Save states - levedge - 01-02-2014 05:25 AM

Wow, I feel dumb -.- Thanks man! Is there a way to change the F3 (change the savestate slot in use) for hotkeys?

RE: Save states - TheDax - 01-02-2014 05:26 AM

Not currently, no, unless you compile your own builds of PPSSPP.