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Burning CPU while PPSSPP is idle - fantasya79 - 11-13-2013 04:51 PM

For a few weeks back, PPSSPP start to consume alot cpu after closing of games. Normally before, my cpu use ~15% under gameplay and little less in the menu.

I always update to newest builds and use now PPSSPv0.9.5-358 x64 under Windows 7. I remember one comment about "Not burn CPU" and not long before that comment, my problem start I think, so I thought that comment maybe should fix my high CPU uses too but remained still after.

So when it happens:

1. Starting up PPSSPP and let it be idle, CPU ~10%
2. Runnng an game (Doesn't depend if it's only 1sec or 1h, or game), CPU ~15%
3. Pressing Esc (there you can see Load/Save-state), the CPU rises ~55% and stay there (Core 2: 100%)
4. if i choice to Exit to Menu then CPU Core 1 rises too, so both cores use now 100% and staying there and burn.

Now if I start an new game or restart PPSSPP then all is fine again till i press Esc. I don't have update my video drivers or anything I can think of which may affect PPSSPP. So can I do anything?

RE: Burning CPU while PPSSPP is idle - xsacha - 11-13-2013 05:24 PM

Which commit? This one?

Not sure how it could make it chew up so much :\

RE: Burning CPU while PPSSPP is idle - fantasya79 - 11-14-2013 03:44 PM

I start researching older builds to see if I could find the one that was ok before those problems, found something unexpected who I never thought about.

What I did:

I did an copy of [PPSSPP] folder and call the new folder [PPSSPP_testbuilds], then I start replacing PPSSPPWindows64.exe and the dirs lang, flash0, filter & assets with older one that i downloaded from here.

Did a first test with the build before "Don't burn the cpu while idle in multithread." as you suggested xsacha but with same results. So I continue with even older buildings till I come over an month back and results was still the same, meaning that I must have change something.

So I open up ppsspp.ini and delete everything in [CPU] & [Graphics], starting up and ppsspp again, surprising was all good again without high CPU use so I start to compare the settings between [PPSSPP] and [PPSSPP_testbuilds].

If VSync is on and I press esc within an game so I come out to the load/save-state menu then CPU rises (first core2 to 100%) and if I choice Exit to Menu from there then core1 rises too.

If i untick VSync without restarting ppsspp and start the same game all get good again. So I know now how to solve it but still wounder what happen with VSync after an game is close?

Must also say PPSSPP is an amazing emulator Smile