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RE: White Knight Chronicles: Origins - jhone3 - 12-13-2021 09:52 AM

(04-06-2019 01:12 AM)crazyrexz Wrote:  still none of cheats works , anyone have working cheat ?


man im to lazzy to gather materials not all cheats working

_C0 infinite HP
_L 0x20F7B8AC 0x000003E7
_C1 infinite MP
_L 0x20F7B8B4 0x000003E7
_C0 AC does not decrease
_L 0x2006FCA4 0x00000000
_C0 Skill Point Max after spending
_L 0x201316C0 0x2505270F

only this working T_T
plss make some item material cheat

RE: White Knight Chronicles: Origins - magearden - 09-18-2022 10:54 AM

Can’t seem to get these 2 codes to work, can anyone convert or make them work on PPSSPP please, I tried using them but they didn’t work it would be much appreciated, thank you.

Quote:_S UCES-01511
_G White Knight Chronicles: Origins [EU]
_C1 Death Blow Enemy One Hit Kill
_L 0xC0001008 0x8C850000
_C1 Infinite Money
_L 0x20E68C90 0x3B9AC9FF