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[Solved] Control Mapping - Tsubaki13 - 10-01-2013 06:40 PM

Well I was wondering if you can change the controls of this emulator. I just downloaded it yesterday so I don't know what to do. I would like to know how to change the controls and I know this might be a duplicate thread. If possible can someone lead me on how I will be able to change the control mapping? For example:
Up = 1-19,20-19,10-19
Down = 1-20,20-20,10-20
Left = 1-21,20-21,10-21
Right = 1-22,20-22,10-22
Circle = 1-52,20-97,10-190
Cross = 1-54,20-96,10-189
Square = 1-29,20-99,10-191
Triangle = 1-47,20-100,10-188
Start = 1-62,20-108,10-197
Select = 1-50,20-109,10-196
L = 1-45,20-102,10-194
R = 1-51,20-103,10-195
An.Up = 1-37,20-4002,10-4003
An.Down = 1-39,20-4003,10-4002
An.Left = 1-38,20-4001,10-4001
An.Right = 1-40,20-4000,10-4000
RapidFire = 1-59
Unthrottle = 1-61,20-4036
SpeedToggle = 1-68,20-107
Pause = 1-111,20-4034,20-3

I would like to change:
Up= w
Down= s
Left = a
Right = d
Circle= Left arrow key
Cross = Down arrow key
Square = Left arrow key
Triangle = Up arrow key
Start = spacebar
Select = Crtl
L = 1
R= 2
SpeedToggle= Tab
Pause = Backspace

I don't really know what does numbers are for so I don't know what to do to change the controls.

RE: Control Mapping - TheDax - 10-01-2013 06:58 PM

After pressing Game Settings on the screen(or Game Settings -> More Settings on Windows) in 0.9 and up:

(Click/tap for full size):
[Image: iq3MZkcxnz8oE.jpg]

Once you're in, use your mouse wheel(or click and drag up and down, similar to how you'd flick up and down with a finger on a touch screen) to find the button(s) you want, then use the + button next to any control to add an additional binding to it:
(Click/tap for full size):
[Image: iZ3nhLaAt042q.jpg]

If you need to remove a single binding, use the X button next to the +:
(Click/tap for full size):
[Image: ibvxJzHwil43XC.jpg]

If you want to replace ALL bindings with a single one, click the button itself:
(Click/tap for full size):
[Image: ivxiH5ZCZTU1D.jpg]

To remove all bindings for all buttons, press Clear All. To restore them all back to the originals, use Default All.

RE: Control Mapping - Tsubaki13 - 10-02-2013 01:43 AM

Ohh thanks. That was unsuspectedly easy. Thank you very much.

RE: [Solved] Control Mapping - mupralsh - 10-02-2013 11:41 AM

Problem resolved, i'll closed this thread. Smile