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RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - guest.r - 11-21-2016 10:53 AM

(11-20-2016 11:30 PM)shinra358 Wrote:  I dunno why I don't get email notifications sometimes Tongue
Just seeing the responses. Thanks Guest.R! Trying it out now.

Edit: wow, that looks great! Hopefully Luna can integrate these into his/her suite so I can use them both.

Hey, nice you like it. It produces some blur, which is bad for some tastes, but i developed a version which removes it. It's meant for desktop machines since it's a bit heavy but it doesn't matter with a decent adapter. I like it a bit more than FXAA since it's nice for removing 2D glitches.

Edit: download the shaders below

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - shinra358 - 11-21-2016 12:03 PM

The original version with the blur is fine with me. BTW, which one is the one with less blur? The normal one in this zip or the one with filtro in the name?

AA 4.o:
[Image: aa40.png]

AA 4.o Filtro:
[Image: filtro.png]

LunaMoo Scalable Shader (fxaa, gaussian 8.0):
[Image: luna.png]

All using the highest xbrz alongside. As one may see, the AA 4.o does a better job and helping to rid a bit more of those posterized edges while still having a soft look while not so blurry. For the Scalable shader, a gaussian of 8.0 is the highest one can go without having everything look uncomfortable and still the edges are a bit posterized. I do love my gaussians for certain occassions, but I like the effect of the AA4.o of the softness without getting too deep that the gaussian can go sometimes. Also, with AA 4.o, I can cut out xbr completely (and cut out gaussian for 2D games) while still using xbrz to keep certain sprites soft that stem from the ppsspp xbrz performance checks.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - guest.r - 11-21-2016 03:02 PM

The "filter" version is sharper which is best noticed on 3D models, but it can also remove 2D scaling glitches.
I think it's a fine niche solution since different folks are being bothered by different issues and like/tolerate different stuff.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - shinra358 - 11-21-2016 03:23 PM

Oh ok, so that one with the filtro name is specifically made for 3D games. Gotcha.


LunaMoo Scalable Shader:
[Image: PPSSPPWindows64_2016_11_21_11_26_36.png]

AA 4.o Filtro:
[Image: PPSSPPWindows64_2016_11_21_11_27_01.png]

AA 4.o:
[Image: PPSSPPWindows64_2016_11_21_11_27_21.png]

Can't really tell the difference regarding the 3D in the AA 4.o shaders. As for the Scalable Shader, I can only tell the difference in regard to 2D elements (in which the AA 4.o handles better) while 3D is slightly 'less soft'. But I still do enjoy the softer effect more. Reminds me of dream sequences in movies.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - LunaMoo - 11-21-2016 09:48 PM

(11-21-2016 12:03 PM)shinra358 Wrote:  (...)
LunaMoo Scalable Shader (fxaa, gaussian 8.0, xbr variant 2):

I noted in my shader those effects shouldn't be used together;p, heh I don't know why I even bother, noone reads it.
Also upscaling shaders require extra switch in ini file, which also is noted in the shader. Such combination results in non working xbr(if xBR was actually activated as variants doesn't do anything on it's own) or gaussian blur.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - shinra358 - 11-21-2016 09:58 PM

Can't smooth while upscaling...? Even more of a reason to port Guest.r's AA 4.o since it covers AA and smoothing at once Tongue
Scaling is turned on in the ini. Using them individually does't make a difference in the comparison to the AA 4.o as to the shots and the goal.
ps: and no I didn't have the main option for xbr turned on with the sub options, so they werent really on.

Edit: nvrmind about the smooth thing and 4.o. Just had to use gauss_sq instead of gauss_s and all was right with the world. Now it's the exact same seems like, depending on the gaussian level.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - guest.r - 11-22-2016 07:56 PM

I did some extra work on some nice shaders i think are a good addition to the current shader pool.

First is AA shader 4.o + CRT Lottes. Comes with all the shadow masks and nice smoothing. Make sure you select the CRT style you prefer. Smile

Second is "5xBR Accuracy" which is in fact xBR Level 2 with accuracy feature which makes some glitches go away. Some values like cornering can be altered so don't be afraid to grab Notepad++ and edit the shader.

Also wanted to congrat LunaMoo on his Uber shader, it's really a piece of work. Keep it up. Wink

(please download new shaders below)

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - shinra358 - 11-23-2016 01:09 AM

The 5xbr shaders does in fact make the lines in 2D sprites go away when texture filtering is set to linear. Which is great. But without some gaussian blur accompanying it, 5xbr doesn't quite look so hot by itself on 2D (makes everything look too playdohy). And then there's this:

[Image: ULUS10336_00004.jpg]

Yikes! What types of games can this be used on to not have this wavy effect going on? or is that totally up to the options inside of the shader file? Because default, this is what games look like with this on.

I do like that lottes one though. That one is pretty cool.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - guest.r - 11-26-2016 09:00 AM

Yep, the 5xBR shaders have some trouble doing everything right in the PSP environment. I wouldn't bother too much about it. If you play some 2D ports and xBRZ is doing some quirky stuff then they might be OK to use.

To change the subject, after some testing i decided to update the shaders to render in output resolution so they should run really fast at even the highest internal resolutions (luckily no quality issues/changes here). They went too slow for my taste, especially the "filtro" version. Matters a great deal if someone is using an Intel renderer, for example.

So, bump up the rendering resolution...Wink

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - LunaMoo - 12-30-2016 10:55 AM

Yeah downsampling in ppsspp is pretty good, I would add it to all smoothing effects since abusing high res without it is just a waste of power, even bigger waste to use high res without anything since linear or nearest filtering(screen scaling filter) is really not enough to give supersampling AA effect that everyone desires;p.

I'm kind of confused about this new AA filter. Tested it with smooth values like 4.0 and filtro variant and it works very well as an upscaling filter for 2D games(that is even with "upscaling" flag set to true ~ which forces x1 res and nearest screen scaling filter), produces quite nice shapes, in fact might be even better at it than 5xBR. Imo no upscaling effect is "best" universaly, but yeah I like the results of this.

Added it to my overgrown shader now, with filtro variant as an option, not much reason to divide it to separate effect since compilers skip unused code.
Fun fact, until now I considered even basic 5xBR heavy and it produces around 500+ lines of disassembly when compiled, for comparison this AA 4.o filtro produces 1700+ lines;p... yeah this is definitely something to avoid on smartphones or even older pc's, I guess some android gpu's like those older mali ones would bug out on compilation just by the size of the code produced;].

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - oldmario - 02-21-2017 12:51 AM

i'm trying to use Luna's shaders on a Samsung GS5 lollipop runing PPSSPP v1.3-697 and everytime i run a game i get this error message

Quote:Post-shader error: --From Vertex Shader

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - BenjiBenjamin123 - 02-21-2017 08:47 AM

Hello! I was facing with this problem too.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - LunaMoo - 02-23-2017 07:11 PM

Replying to above ~ "Post-shader error: --From Vertex Shader" tells me absolutely nothing that would lead to finding a problem.
Vertex shader is very simple here at least for now, since I didn't cared to optimize a bit of code which could potentialy be still optimized by moving it from fs to vs. Currently it works on everything including my mp3 player aka outdated smartphone, so I have no means of even finding the problem, your drivers must be buggy;p.


Dropping Guest shaders fixed for GLSL->HLSL autotranslation(for d3d11 starting from v1.3-724-gc355947) in case anyone cares:[attachment=15678] (v2)
(v2 Had to correct more, debugging it line by line, so I also cleared formatting and made some other changes. Just had to correct a bit of non-standard code that happens to work on more forgiving drivers, but also separated those from default shaders since there's no valid reason to ever mess with default ini file, ppsspp supports many ini files at once.)

Also earlier today updated my overgrown shader to work with d3d11 as well, at least most filters should simply work now;3.

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - GeoMan - 03-06-2017 12:32 AM

I tried your updated "AA 4.o - CRT Lottes" with DX11, latest AMD drivers and build v1.3-797-g5d58446 and it doesn't seem to work. It works fine with OpenGL, but not under DX...

RE: Custom PPSSPP shaders - LunaMoo - 03-06-2017 08:31 AM

@GeoMan redownload, I didn't tested all of them previously and assumed they all had only mistakes I found in two first I checked;p, that one had way more problems through. In addition to fixing it, I also made some other changes now, so just remove previous files and grab fresh ones if you want.
Debugging those problems is annoying since translation doesn't show any errors and GLSL is far too forgiving for bad/non standard code.:C