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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 - Solstar - 05-27-2013 05:45 PM

this is not on the comp list as well.the game didn't even started in previous emu versions,now it starts, you can select the deck,duels etc,but when the duel starts,the screen with the cards,and the cards themselves are all doesn't hang,you can actually "play",but of course you won't see the cards you're choosing.similar issue as ape academy 2

[Image: 28qcur.jpg]

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 status - Burna91 - 05-28-2013 09:15 PM

Oh my god!

It's finally starting. You get to choose your country, name, and you get in to the menu where you can choose story mode, free duel and so on.

Even if duels still don't work, that's a HUGE step from how it was prior to this build.

Thank you soon much @Devs for making such a big step forward Smile

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 status - sfageas - 05-29-2013 10:12 AM


RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - Solstar - 05-30-2013 12:10 PM

with latest release,now there's background,enemy animations and the commands...btu still no cards Sad

[Image: 35jxcuh.jpg]

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - Anthony2229 - 05-30-2013 02:40 PM

I know it's frustrating but just let's give developers time, it is almost playable but if you put the sounds and effects and music would be much better, in jpcsp spend the same, and it is almost time, the first to be 100% playable was tag force 6 gameplays soon see this great game in action, you just have to encode the videos with BMG that it will see the cards.

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - Burna91 - 05-30-2013 03:23 PM

BGM, sounds, music and so on are less important than being able to play a stable game.

They just need to make cards visible and it's gonna be almost complete.

I love the improvements they made in one step.

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - part211 - 06-02-2013 02:40 PM

im hoping that this would be work out, this game is the best psp game for me.

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - ricky88 - 06-04-2013 06:26 PM

same problem with latest release and tag force 5, in the duel there aren't the cards like in the screenshot of tag force 6. let's hope you will fix it soon

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - kobby2k6 - 06-12-2013 10:10 PM

i have the ios version..everything works but I can't see my hand or cards on the field when I am dueling Sad..i hope it gets fixed soon...I love yu-gi-oh games

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - akaljad - 06-23-2013 12:11 AM

pls someone. fix it

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - riadhsurvivor - 06-26-2013 09:31 PM

yes plz fix it we love yugioh serie and games in psp

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - bigsmoke318 - 07-02-2013 10:06 AM

Please guys I'm using the 0.8.1 android version the game works and u can start a free duel but in the story mode when I exit the room and go to the locations map I choose a location and the screen goes black for good!!!"also in the duel the card picture is black I can't see it unless its in my hand or face up on the field ..please fix this and keep rocking best guys on da world love and respect to you all

RE: yu gi oh 5d tag force 6 - WaffelzQQ - 08-20-2013 12:20 PM

I guess ill update the problems at this point?

Most important:
- When you change the map in the Story mode, the screen stays black after the loading screen, while the music continues. No input works, so saving during this black screen is not possible. You cant progress the game. Only possible way to play it at this time to use a safe game where you have every enemy unlocked & every card unlocked and play this game in the free duel mode.

- Minor FPS drop when browsing the cards in the deck menu. As soon as you stop scrolling down the card list, it stops
- XYZ Summon is kind of buggy, it shows the wrong card when you summon a XYZ card, most of the times it shows one of the material cards
- Some sound bugs. When placing a card there is a missing sound, some character dialog during the duels are not working while others work

Currently using the ppsspp-v0.8.1-1688-g1559b44-windows-x86 version.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 6! PPSSPP v9.1 [Fully Playable! Check it out!] in HD too - oas515 - 09-02-2013 12:14 PM

Hello Everyone! My Nickname is oas515
You Can call me Omar Smile My Original Name.

I Just Played Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 6 on PPSSPP v9.1 and I Can't Believe it Worked without Graphical Issue's Wink

Here Check it out! Smile

The Result is Nice and it's in HD Quality.

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RE: Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 6! PPSSPP v9.1 [Fully Playable! Check it out!] in HD too - Ronove - 09-02-2013 12:33 PM

Cool, thanks for the video. Looks really good.
Does the japanese version already include english text like it does with the DS games? If so, is everything translated?