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Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - Tabman - 09-14-2013 10:46 AM

Title: Ore no Dungeon
Disc ID: ULJM05167
Genre: RPG, Dungeon crawler
Region: JPN
Format: ISO
Version: PPSSPP - 541 x64
OS: Windows 7 x64
Compatibility: Playable
Notes: Apart from some minor GFX glitches, this seems to be completely playable.

[Image: uljm05167_00000zvjm7.png] [Image: uljm05167_00001skk8y.png] [Image: uljm05167_000028yje1.png] [Image: uljm05167_00004v8jbe.png] [Image: uljm05167_00005omkql.png] [Image: uljm05167_00007sjk7c.png]

OUTDATED Log file x64 : [attachment=8356]

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - sum2012 - 10-21-2013 01:31 PM


Maybe need code codec parameters for stream 0
56:06:190 streamReadTh I[ME]: HW\MediaEngine.cpp:101 FF: Header missing
56:06:190 streamReadTh I[ME]: HW\MediaEngine.cpp:101 FF: Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Audio: mp3, 0 channels, s16p): unspecified frame size
Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' and 'probesize' options

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - Henrik - 10-22-2013 08:31 PM

hm, mp3 in MediaEngine? That's unusual.

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - jacky400 - 01-30-2014 09:49 AM

Anyone can test it in latest buildbot? And confirm whether there is a video before title screen

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - sum2012 - 01-30-2014 10:47 AM

video fixed
some graphic problem
Can move to in-game

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - vnctdj - 01-30-2014 09:39 PM


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - [Unknown] - 05-29-2016 07:35 PM

Does this still have graphic problems?


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - sum2012 - 07-09-2016 02:18 PM

Yes,still have graphic problems v1.2.2-759-ge0845b8
(05-29-2016 07:35 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Does this still have graphic problems?


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - LunaMoo - 07-09-2016 07:17 PM

This glitch is kind of weird. The game tries to draw red background where empty HP and POW bars are, however UV is getting outside of the texture ~ U is 0xFFB0:
Subtracting 0xFF00 kind of fixes it, however it also has messed up X and draws it in incorrect places:

The interesting part is the fact that on screenshots from PSP there is no red background at all neither on HP nor pow bars. So this whole thing seems to be a game bug and real hardware just skips it, possibly due to UV being outside of the texture?

I tried to make it work for HP background, but realized when maxing out POW the glitch turns into POW bar background so maybe it's not a game bug, but planned(althrough weird) way of hiding it before it's needed.

Made a cwcheat workaround to deal with it:
_S ULJM-05167
_G Ore no Dungeon
_C0 Hide Glitch
_L 0xE0070010 0x0004317C
_L 0x2004317C 0x0A200400
_L 0x20001000 0x3407FF00
_L 0x20001004 0x00E4382A
_L 0x20001008 0x54E00001
_L 0x2000100C 0x34040000
_L 0x20001010 0x0A210C61
_L 0x20001014 0x94A70010
_C0 Hide Glitch [Disable]
_L 0x2004317C 0x94A70010

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - [Unknown] - 07-10-2016 12:50 AM

Maybe clipping/scissor is somehow not working? Are there any interesting settings in the GE debugger?


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - LunaMoo - 07-10-2016 01:06 AM

Don't thinks so, it uses the texture with lots of different elements treated with same settings and they work fine.
Name    Value
Lighting enable    0
Light 0 enable    0
Light 1 enable    0
Light 2 enable    0
Light 3 enable    0
Clip enable    1
Cullface enable    1
Texture map enable    1
Fog enable    0
Dither enable    1
Alpha blend enable    1
Alpha test enable    1
Depth test enable    0
Stencil test enable    0
Antialias enable    0
Patch cull enable    1
Color test enable    0
Logic op enable    0
Depth write disable    1

Name    Value
Ambient color    808080
Ambient alpha    0000ff
Material update    ambient, diffuse, specular
Material emissive    000000
Material ambient    0000ff
Material diffuse    0000ff
Material alpha    0000ff
Material specular    0000ff
Mat. specular coef    0.000000
Reverse normals    0
Shade model    gouraud
Light mode    separate specular (disabled)
Light type 0    type: directional, comp: diffuse + spec (disabled)
Light type 1    type: directional, comp: diffuse (disabled)
Light type 2    type: directional, comp: diffuse (disabled)
Light type 3    type: directional, comp: diffuse (disabled)
Light pos 0    0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light pos 1    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light pos 2    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light pos 3    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light dir 0    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light dir 1    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light dir 2    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light dir 3    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light att 0    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light att 1    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light att 2    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Light att 3    0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 (disabled)
Lightspot coef 0    0.000000 (disabled)
Lightspot coef 1    0.000000 (disabled)
Lightspot coef 2    0.000000 (disabled)
Lightspot coef 3    0.000000 (disabled)
Light angle 0    0.000000 (disabled)
Light angle 1    0.000000 (disabled)
Light angle 2    0.000000 (disabled)
Light angle 3    0.000000 (disabled)
Light ambient 0    404040 (disabled)
Light diffuse 0    ffffff (disabled)
Light specular 0    ffffff (disabled)
Light ambient 1    000000 (disabled)
Light diffuse 1    000000 (disabled)
Light specular 1    000000 (disabled)
Light ambient 2    000000 (disabled)
Light diffuse 2    000000 (disabled)
Light specular 2    000000 (disabled)
Light ambient 3    000000 (disabled)
Light diffuse 3    000000 (disabled)
Light specular 3    000000 (disabled)

Name    Value
Tex U scale    1.000000
Tex V scale    1.000000
Tex U offset    0.000000
Tex V offset    0.000000
Tex mapping mode    gen: tex coords, proj: pos
Tex shade srcs    s: 0, t: 0
Tex mode    swizzled, 1 levels
Tex format    CLUT8
Tex filtering    min: nearest, mag: nearest
Tex wrapping    wrap s, wrap t
Tex level/bias    auto
Tex lod slope    0.000000
Tex func    modulate, RGBA
Tex env color    000000
CLUT    08a2e080, w=0
CLUT format    ABGR 8888 ind & ff
Texture L0 addr    08a1e080, w=256
Texture L1 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L2 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L3 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L4 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L5 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L6 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L7 addr    00000000, w=0
Texture L0 size    256x256
Texture L1 size    1x1
Texture L2 size    1x1
Texture L3 size    1x1
Texture L4 size    1x1
Texture L5 size    1x1
Texture L6 size    1x1
Texture L7 size    1x1

Name    Value
Clear mode    0
Framebuffer    00000000, w=512
Framebuffer format    5551
Depthbuffer    00088000, w=512
Vertex type    through, u16 texcoords, s16 positions
Offset addr    08000000
Vertex addr    0897ce40
Index addr    0948fa38
Region    0,0 - 479,271
Scissor    0,0 - 479,271
Min Z    000000
Max Z    00ffff
Viewport Scale    288.000000, -176.000000, -32768.000000
Viewport Offset    2144.000000, 2072.000000, 32767.000000
Offset    1904.000000x1936.000000
Cull mode    front (CW)
Color test    pass if (c & 000000) NEVER (000000 & 000000) (disabled)
Alpha test    pass if (a & ff) > (00 & ff)
Stencil test    pass if (00 & 00) NEVER (a & 00) (disabled)
Stencil test op    fail=KEEP, pass/depthfail=KEEP, pass=KEEP (disabled)
Depth test    pass if src ALWAYS dst (disabled)
Alpha blend mode    add: src.a, 1.0 - src.a
Blend color A    000000
Blend color B    000000
Logic Op    clear (disabled)
Fog 1    800.000000 (disabled)
Fog 2    0.002000 (disabled)
Fog color    000000 (disabled)
RGB mask    000000
Stencil/alpha mask    000000
Morph Weight 0    0.000000
Morph Weight 1    0.000000
Morph Weight 2    0.000000
Morph Weight 3    0.000000
Morph Weight 4    0.000000
Morph Weight 5    0.000000
Morph Weight 6    0.000000
Morph Weight 7    0.000000
Patch division    000404
Patch primitive    triangles
Patch facing    000001
Dither 0    001d0c
Dither 1    00f3e2
Dither 2    000c1d
Dither 3    00e2f3
Transfer src    00000000, w=0
Transfer src pos    0,0
Transfer dst    00000000, w=0
Transfer dst pos    0,0
Transfer size    0,0

The only weird thing I see is that U is getting increased by huge offset and maybe also that X starts from bigger number followed by smaller when usually it's the opposite.

Edit: I think animation will show why I think this is intentional, but doesn't show on psp:
(click to see)
the glitch disappears completely when powering up into red bar, this is also when coordinates get inside the 256x256 texture. /Might not be clear due to gif compression, but when the red bar shows up, everything looks fine.

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - [Unknown] - 07-10-2016 01:19 PM


Tex wrapping wrap s, wrap t
Vertex type through, u16 texcoords, s16 positions
Region 0,0 - 479,271
Scissor 0,0 - 479,271
Alpha test pass if (a & ff) > (00 & ff)
Texture L0 size 256x256

This should mean that 0xFFB0 wraps around - it should be the same as 0x00B0. I doubt the alpha test is meant to be doing anything here, and there's no scissor. Hmm...


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - LunaMoo - 07-10-2016 04:59 PM

Well it definitely doesn't look same in here, when I change it to 0xB0 it has a solid red gradient - draws correct texture(but still not really since it shows it when it should not), with 0xFFB0 it looks like it was going through the whole 256 width of the texture like 255 times and having parts of other things placed in this line including empty space and the gray sprite on the left of it which makes it appear as stripes.

I wonder about X coordinate as well, when games draws a rectangle I always see a pair of smaller X, followed by pair of larger X, with this element it behaves that way from the moment it should show up, but all the time earlier when the glitch appears it starts from pair of larger X followed by pair of smaller X, so maybe on real hardware such inverted coordinates results in texture being drawn from the other side/not visible from the front?

RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - [Unknown] - 07-11-2016 12:50 AM

Oh, yes, maybe that should be culled.

Cullface enable 1
Cull mode front (CW)

Is it drawing rectangle type prims? I'm not sure I've ever considered how they're culled. We might be rotating them or something.


RE: Ore no Dungeon ULJM05167 - LunaMoo - 07-11-2016 01:38 AM

Well if that's the type - "patch primitive" as noted above says "triangles", but looks like rectangle and uses 4 vertices through.

Settings doesn't change at all when secondary pair of X coordinates changes from being lower to higher than primary pair of that rectangle, so if culling should cause it to be only visible from the front, yeah it doesn't work here.

Edit: ~ removing "!gstate.isModeThrough() &&" fixes this, but since it shows vertex type as "through", I assume that's wrong. Oh well going back to nothing. At least the cwcheat hack was easy to make.

Another edit: Followed the through mode this time, game sets 00800102 for all vertices(lui a1,0x80 followed by addiu a1,a1,0x102 for everything) where as I understand 0x00800000 means through mode, however I followed that and later it sets it to 12800102 right before saving it somewhere around 0x48900920, not even sure what that high address means(google says uncached space:3), but maybe 0x12800000 is some "non-through" mode? ~ GE debugger still shows 00800102 through, even after manually trying to set it to 12800102