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Namco Museum Vol.2 ULJS00047 - Tabman - 09-11-2013 02:15 PM

Title: Namco Museum Vol.2
Disc ID: ULJS00047
Genre: various
Region: JPN
Format: ISO
Version: PPSSPP 0.9.1-760 x64
OS: Windows 7 x64
Compatibility: In-game
Notes: This UMD has around a dozen games and only the first two (Pacman and Moto) are working. The rest are lazily hanging around forever at the loading screen (last picture). Lazy bums, but I like their style; they don't give in to peer pressure.
Log file x64 : [attachment=8283]

RE: Namco Museum Vol.2 ULJS00047 - Tabman - 09-27-2014 09:56 AM

PPSSPP x64 Windows 7
No changes. Only two games load, the rest are still having a vacation.

Log file:[attachment=12792]

RE: Namco Museum Vol.2 ULJS00047 - [Unknown] - 09-27-2014 03:35 PM

Nice, peer pressure. Could potentially be sas or scheduling related, but hard to say. Hmm.