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Gloria Union ULJM05813 - Tabman - 08-28-2013 10:04 AM

Title: Gloria Union
Disc ID: ULJM05813
Genre: RPG
Region: JPN
Format: ISO
Version: PPSSPP 0.9.1-219 x64 (x86 not tested)
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Compatibility: Playable
Notes: As far as I can tell, it's completely playable.
Movies, GFX, BGM, sound, save/load, everything O.K.
(At least until after the first battle. Then I lost interest.)
Log file x64: [attachment=7598]

Personal note: I like the artwork, but the gameplay is a strange mixture of "too simplistic" and "too complicated".
And, as so often with JRPGs, too much talking, not enough killing.