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problem with cheat function - nfls20030708 - 08-27-2013 08:42 AM

1. if the ini file is too big( for example 9kb) ppsspp stops when trying to load the file

2. chinese not supported.
say if the cheat code is

_C0 所持金9999990
_L 0x204C8DF4 0x00989676

then the discription part becomes unreadable.


RE: problem with cheat function - vsub_ - 08-27-2013 09:30 AM

Are you saving the file with unicode encoding(ppsspp create the file with ANSI encoding which don't support those characters)?
File=>Save as=>Encoding: UTF-8

And also,the cheats browser can't deal with more than 64 codes(creating more than 64 descriptions)
And btw just to say(you may know)_C0...0 means disabled

RE: problem with cheat function - darkjust - 08-28-2013 09:26 PM

cree el archivo *.ini es el mismo que uso en el emulador de pc, donde funciona sin problema, pero al trasladarlo a mi s3 y al activar los trucos me sale el nombre del truco temrinado en "?" y no funciona cuando estoy en el juego, que debo hacer o como creo que el archivo cheat.db tengo la carpeta cheat en la ruta PSP/Cheat.
ojala me den una solucion

perdon mi ingles es pesimo asi que use traductor

create the *. INI is the same as used in the PC emulator, which works without problem, but to move it to my s3 and to enable cheat I get the name of the trick temrinado in "?" and does not work when I'm in the game, I should do or how I think I have cheat.db file folder on the route PSP cheat / Cheat.
hopefully give me a solution

pardon my English is so pesimo use translator