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RE: 0.9 is here! - vegetax99 - 08-20-2013 09:00 PM

Does this new build fix The 3rd birthday graphic overlay? Or is it still same problem with other newer builds Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy cutscene watchable dont see whats so special about this one.

RE: 0.9 is here! - FinalBlast - 08-20-2013 09:05 PM

This is awesome, I really can't find a game that is not working or has any serious issues
simply incredible development, the world needs more coders like you people! I for one
think you guys ought to take a break as I can feel it's really not easy and some time spending for your personal life is needed,
free time should come again sooner or later and you'll be back at this and anything you feel like doing
nevertheless thank you for getting up to this point, truly thank you on behalf of us all. Smile

RE: 0.9 is here! - yuseiarkcradle - 08-20-2013 09:13 PM

Great job thanks for all your efforts, I'm going to support your project

RE: 0.9 is here! - JviJsn - 08-20-2013 09:16 PM

i suggest you Smile) create a new thread listing all the GAMES which are faster on 0.9 PPSSPP..

thank you and congrats btw Smile

i suggest Smile) you create a new thread listing all the GAMES which are faster on 0.9 PPSSPP..

thank you and congrats btw Smile

RE: 0.9 is here! - Emre AktaƟ - 08-20-2013 09:20 PM

Thank You.

RE: 0.9 is here! - mupralsh - 08-20-2013 09:27 PM

Well done Henrik and other devs, you guys are awesome! Big Grin
Thank you very much for your hard work! Big Grin
Just logged in for a brief moment to say this Big Grin

Edit: i ended up working on the compatibility list, hah. livisor has done so much by making that list, i will try to keep that updated. Will find a time to check the links one by one before college starts. Big Grin

RE: 0.9 is here! - Zenus - 08-20-2013 10:53 PM

Thank you for the wonderful work!

RE: 0.9 is here! - curraja - 08-21-2013 01:02 AM

Well i could play dissidia duodecim till i updated to 0.9 game boot 1 on 50 times same goes with other tittles :/ tried all possible settings and it doesnt help at all Sad oh and some game siplu freez while loading saved game .But altrough ff type 0 is working faster.Persona 3 keep flickering on some floors (unable to fix problem with settings) . But good work anyway Smile

RE: 0.9 is here! - the_randomizer - 08-21-2013 01:12 AM

GUI issue. Tabs look garbled on 0.9.0 Sad

[Image: mhNWe0h.jpg]

Don't get me wrong, you guys are doing great, I hope someone knows why it looks garbled.

RE: 0.9 is here! - vegetax99 - 08-21-2013 01:16 AM

This build have same problems other builds nothing changed.

RE: 0.9 is here! - the_randomizer - 08-21-2013 01:29 AM

(08-21-2013 01:16 AM)vegetax99 Wrote:  This build have same problems other builds nothing changed.

I did download from but I figured out why

RE: 0.9 is here! - LPatamon - 08-21-2013 02:12 AM

I have to say that the multithreading I/O option implemented a few builds ago did wonders for me on several games (I have a Pentium 4 Hyperthreading CPU so I can use the multithreading feature without problem). It reduced the slowdowns I had on certain parts of some games quite a lot Smile

Really, you're doing quite a great job. Congratulations ^^

RE: 0.9 is here! - xZabuzax - 08-21-2013 03:05 AM

Awesome job as always on this release, i will like to report an issue tho:

The cinematic intro from Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins seems to have some sort of crackling/hiccups in the music, this issue didn't happen in 0.8, of course, i'm running the game at full speed.

Anyway this is a solid release and the new GUI looks awesome, the control keymapping looks pretty nice and clean too so i have no more complaints about it.

Keep up the awesome work.

RE: 0.9 is here! - Paulius01 - 08-21-2013 05:21 AM

I like most of the new changes so far it really helps with playing persona 3 and I even can deal with the corrupted save states but, the speed up button is broken for me. It does not do anything at all and I did try going to the settings and changing the speed around but it didn't do a single thing. I really liked that feature and would like it fixed, I'm running the emulator on Nexus 7.

RE: 0.9 is here! - tntbandicoot - 08-21-2013 06:08 AM

Thank You, Sir Henrik. Smile Wink