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RE: Boxer's Road 2 The Real ULJM05125 - YeoshinJihyo - 08-29-2020 10:25 AM

have a problem in Boxers Road Career whenever my the fight goes round 2 or decision after the fight when you talk to the president it suddenly crashes.
I don't know how to fix it i tried the 60mhz cpu clock but doesn't work.

How to put the Log file in Android that doesn't need to root the phone. I hope someone can answer me


RE: Boxer's Road 2 The Real ULJM05125 - Adeno - 11-22-2021 08:53 AM

Just wanted to report the game is now running perfectly on PPSSPP 1.12.3! No more crashes, no more turbo speed after round 2. I've been playing it for a couple of days now and everything simply works perfectly! My favorite PSP boxing game, I'm glad it's finally working perfectly after all these years lol! Last time I posted here was 2014, it's 2021 now!

PPSSPP 1.12.3 - Default Settings, nothing had to be changed!
Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 660
i7 3770K