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RE: Death Jr. - bassop - 03-03-2015 02:10 AM

(03-02-2015 04:20 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  @bassop your problem is a typical description of throttling caused by overheating.

This is not a ppsspp issue, but your device flawed design, which apparently does not radiate heat fast enough to run at high performance for a longer periods of time.

Nothing much you can do, other than playing less demanding games or trying hacks/frameskip to play with less power, you could also mod your device with better heat radiation or some kind of cooling system, but that's usually not possible with mobiles.

No this is a ppsspp problem im sure at 100%, its not a great problem but perhaps can be useful to developers know why

RE: Death Jr. - Lerianis - 03-18-2015 09:27 AM

Fully playable at full screen resolution (1366*768) and auto resolution size on a Acer E5-571-5552 computer. The freezing issue at the beginning of the game where it hanged on the loading screen is gone.

Played it for awhile now and it appears to be 100% playable, I am about halfway according to the walkthrough I saw online through the game.

As to the graphics card overheating issue that bassop is playing, I am sorry to say bassop but it has to be your graphics chip in your computer going bad. I had the same issue where PPSSPP was making my P-7811FX Gateway computer blackscreen and after replacing the motherboard totally (the graphics chip was soldered to the motherboard), the issue disappeared and I could leave the computer on intentionally stressing it with 4X Resolution and 4X texture scaling without it blackscreening for hours. Though I switched to a better computer (the Acer named above) when I saw how cheap it was and how it beat my gaming class computer on everything but resolution and graphics horsepower.

RE: Death Jr. - madmannerism - 05-16-2015 11:35 PM

Hi, just want to thank everyone for their hard work on this app. Long time lurker, thought I would share a similar experience as @bassop. My game runs 100% on Galaxy tab s except for a few minutes in
to playing it will slow to about 80 and degenerate to 50-60% speeds. Thanks bassop for the "hack" of going into save. This brings it back up to full speed. Nothing else has this problem, so I doubt it's hardware related. Also, the slowdown seems to occur whenever bgm stops playing. I always notice it playing again when I come out of save.

RE: Death Jr. - NickGrouwen - 08-09-2015 08:50 PM

i just finished this game. it works well! quite a lack of bgm sometimes though but i wonder if that's game related...anyways on to the sequel!