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where you find out about ppsspp? - aki21 - 08-06-2013 03:47 AM

this just some experience of mine,the emulator creating it's own history by emulating many psp games at playable speed even on lower/decent/bad pc and first time on android,now that not what I want to talk about.

first time I found about ppsspp was in youtube where I want to search about emulator but ended with I found someone on youtube using ppsspp ancient version which followed by it's successor today on android(not remember what phone),he demonstrate playing ridge racer demo which only have 4-8 vps at that times(i did'nt attracted at all at that time),yeah sure that before jit got implemented.

and then the thing that attracted me was when I found that there were new psp emulator for window,and I ended in ppsspp website(this when jit got implemented),first games I tried and fully funtioning is fullmetal alchemist brotherhood,and amazingly it work full speed on my decent acer 2.2 ghz laptop,that when I got interested and following ppsspp improvement.

then how about you,where do you find ppsspp?

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - TheDax - 08-06-2013 03:55 AM

I first saw it mentioned on XDA Developers, I think, back in November. I decided to wait a few months before jumping in(to let it mature), and boy was it worth it, heh. Tongue

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - vsub_ - 08-06-2013 07:13 AM

From ngemu news forums.
I knew that there are PSP emulators and they all worked really bad here but I didn't know about ppsspp.
I found about it when 0.8 was released.
I couldn't believe I'm able to play PSP games on my ancient pc and get a lot more that 60vps...but the best thing was,that it uses OGL(for some reason almost everything work much better here when I use OGL rather than directx).

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - livisor - 08-06-2013 07:13 AM

I was just discovering the joys of using nintendo emulators on android and used a popular ROM website to get super mario bros,that website had a collection of emulators and news articles.One day I saw a news article about a soon to release psp emulator,I got curious and checked the ppsspp forums.I think I was one of the first 10 people who registered here Tongue

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - vnctdj - 08-06-2013 01:51 PM

I heard about the creation of PPSSPP in the news of a PSP-related site, so I know PPSSPP since its beginning Wink
But at this time I didn't interest in it because my PSP worked well... Smile

Unfortunately, one day the analog stick of my PSP became to be buggy which makes me unable to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite properly, so I thought about emulation and discovered JPCSP which worked so slowly that my game was not playable with it.
I was really disappointed and forgot about PPSSPP I saw months ago... Dodgy

But one day I re-discovered PPSSPP and I fell in love with it ! ^^
So I created my profile on this forum immediately ! Wink

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - GuilhermeGS2 - 08-06-2013 02:18 PM

I was searching somethings on Google (I don't remeber, but I think was PS2 emulator for android), and I found PPSSPP. The PPSSPP 0.1 was released in November 1, I found it in November 2. I was disapointed when I discovered that PPSSPP emulated only 2D games.

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - mestour - 08-06-2013 04:10 PM

Searched up on youtube psp emulator And i found it Smile
the video was released a week before Smile

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - slamandar - 08-06-2013 05:10 PM

I found about ppsspp in android games blog

First , i didn't believe it , i was thinking like its a joke or fake

but after some day i find about it on youtube just like aki21 did .

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - VIRGIN KLM - 08-06-2013 06:13 PM

I think on PCSX2 forums, like a week or two before any public release. I'm so glad that I catch this project from it's start, it was a pure joy watching it's fast evolution, I'm so proud for Henrik and all the devs that contribute.

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - Nezarn - 08-06-2013 07:10 PM

I found ppsspp using google.. (i searched for a psp emulator that is faster than jpcsp.)

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - EvilKingStan - 08-06-2013 10:08 PM

I first heard about it on the Paulscode forums in the chat. Been following along since version 0.1, (the day the website first went up) and couldn't be happier with the astounding progress. Check the downloads daily for changes, and browse the forums whenever I have time. School starting up again means I have to focus less on video games. Rolleyes

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - UseFg - 08-06-2013 10:48 PM

I found out from google, hmm... i don't remember when. But, i think that's when PPSSPP still v0.2 Wink after my PSP bricked 1 year ago... Dodgy

Downloaded > Disappointed cuz' i can't play any commercial games. Undecided
> not followed development again.

Then, when PPSSPP reached v0.8 i tested it again and it worked pretty damn great! been playing alot since then Tongue
(i didn't create account until now Blush)

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - stodag - 08-06-2013 11:10 PM

droidgamersSmile after moochin on YouTube..

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - Elucidator - 08-07-2013 05:03 AM

I first met PPSSPP when I was reading about the available emulators for android, back then the ppsspp can only play a certain 2d bubble shooter, and after a while Moto GP went in game, stuff like that... Smile

RE: where you find out about ppsspp? - Xaelath - 08-07-2013 07:05 AM

from jpcsp.