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Drone Bluetooth Controller. - The Phoenix - 07-28-2013 11:44 PM

Take a look at this little beauty.....fantastic for retro gaming as well as PC gaming.


Description: Drone is a open source bluetooth game controller designed for smartphones, smart TV’s, tablets, PC and MAC. One controller for all your gaming!

Button Layout: Dual analog sticks, Dpad, 2 bumpers, 2 triggers, Start, Select + A,B,X,Y buttons

Dimensions: 120 x 64 x 0.8 mm

Weight: 2.8 oz

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC and MAC

Battery: Rechargeable lipo battery

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect to all your bluetooth devices

Open Source: Hack, Learn to code, write custom game configs. We have just released the Open Beta 1.0 firmware under the Apache License.

RE: Drone Bluetooth Controller. - isamu - 07-29-2013 05:20 AM


RE: Drone Bluetooth Controller. - The Phoenix - 08-26-2013 08:10 AM

(08-24-2013 05:41 PM)mccainmx Wrote:  ahhm other than this is there anymore bt controller that works for android and i can used on ppsspp emu?
Sorry I've not heard of any others, but I came across this while browsing the web.