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Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - FinalBlast - 07-28-2013 08:57 PM

// Max Money
0x204F3978 0x0098967F
// Inf Stamina
0x004F3252 0x00000063
// No Fatigue
0x104F3256 0x00000000

These also work for me.

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley US - aki21 - 07-28-2013 09:15 PM

does the money code start to working now?before it does'nt work at all,hmm need more result from this.

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley US - FinalBlast - 07-28-2013 09:27 PM

Works fine. Smile
[Image: 8gATcef.png]

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - rahmat_h - 12-18-2013 04:14 AM

(07-28-2013 09:27 PM)FinalBlast Wrote:  Works fine. Smile
[Image: 8gATcef.png]

excuse me, I am Newbie, please tellme to use CW cheat on android, thank youBig Grin

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - DrThrax - 12-18-2013 03:29 PM

i don't know how to apply this CW cheat thing on my harvest moon game,
can you guys give me an instruction?, thanks so much

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - RogueDoggie - 12-18-2013 07:03 PM

1. First, go to settings---->system and scroll down a bit to make sure "cheats enabled" is checked off

2. Go to the folder where all your PPSSPP stuff is.

3. in that folder, go to memstick------>psp------>cheats

4. There should be a file labeled ULUS10458.ini (that's the one for Hero of Leaf Valley). Open it up.

5. Enter this on the word pad that opens up and save it:

_C1 Max Money
_L 0x204F3978 0x0098967F
_C1 No Fatigue
_L 0x104F3256 0x00000000
_C1 Inf Stamina
_L 0x004F3252 0x00000063

6. Enjoy

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - DrThrax - 12-19-2013 11:42 AM

Thanks so much comrade,
you made my life easier, after that bug happened to me, i'll use cheats now,

what happened is,
the mountains around the central square became transparent in the sky and every time i went to a diff location, the froze, so yeah,

i'll use cheats now, thanks so much

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - yudiantofw - 01-16-2014 10:14 AM

Guys, i need your help. I play hm holv on ipad, and everytime i entered the cave (mine), it was always frozen. Does anyone experience same thing?

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - DrThrax - 01-16-2014 02:16 PM

(01-16-2014 10:14 AM)yudiantofw Wrote:  Guys, i need your help. I play hm holv on ipad, and everytime i entered the cave (mine), it was always frozen. Does anyone experience same thing?

Dude yah i got one too,
but the only thing that can solve that one is...
a new game file with multiple save t.t

the picture is what happened to my save before the game froze

Oh yeah, I discovered that when I do fishing and giving it to Ponya,
this happens,
so i guess no fishing experience XD

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - imam adha - 02-06-2014 09:37 AM

cheats hero of leaf valley

I use pssspp v0.9.5 but can not use the cheat

I've tried to cheat her one-on-one but you can not also

please help Sad

[split] Codes Requests Thread - konamy - 03-25-2014 06:46 PM

can i request cheat codes for harvest moon hero of leaf valley.. I know there is a thread for it but what I'm asking for is a Date or time modifier code which is not listed.. is this the right place to ask for something like this? sorry if it isn't

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - vnctdj - 03-25-2014 08:22 PM


RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - richz - 04-19-2014 10:04 PM

working cw cheat, tested...

_C0 Max Cash
_L 0x204F3978 0x0098967f
_C0 30000 Gold
_L 0x204F3978 0x00007530
_C0 Inf Watering Can
_L 0x004D3870 0x00000063
_C1 Inf Fodder
_L 0x004D386E 0x00000063
_C0 Inf Chicken Feed
_L 0x004D327E 0x00000063
_C0 Inf Stamina
_L 0x004F3252 0x00000063
_C0 Inf hold item Slot 1
_L 0x004D336E 0x00000063
_C0 Max fridge item slot 1
_L 0x004D376E 0x00000063
_C0 Max tool box item slot
_L 0x004D356E 0x00000063
_C0 Item 1 Max sales record
_L 0x1050B97A 0x000003E7
_C1 Max heart dog and horse
_L 0x004C674E 0x000000FF
_L 0x004F92CD 0x000000FF
_C1 No Fatigue
_L 0x104F3256 0x00000000
_C0 Inf 2nd Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D3372 0x00000062
_C0 Inf 3rd Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D3376 0x00000062
_C0 Inf 4th Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D337A 0x00000062
_C0 Inf 5th Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D337E 0x00000062
_C0 Inf All Hold Items
_L 0x804D336E 0x001E0004
_L 0x00000062 0x00000000
_C0 Inf Cow Milking
_L 0x804F8D90 0x00050070
_L 0x00000001 0x00000000
_C0 Max Hearts Villagers (girls)
_L 0x804F3A48 0x001B000B
_L 0x1000015E 0x00000000
_C0 Max Chicken Heart
_L 0x804F874D 0x00060068
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000
_C1 Max Cow Heart
_L 0x804F8D8D 0x00050070
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000
_C1 Barn Auto Feeder
_L 0x204F92D0 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8D90 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8E00 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8E70 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8EE0 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8F50 0x00000200
_C1 Coop Auto Feeder
_L 0x004F874E 0x00000002
_L 0x004F87B6 0x00000002
_L 0x004F881E 0x00000002
_L 0x004F8886 0x00000002
_L 0x004F88EE 0x00000002
_L 0x004F8956 0x00000002
_C0 Stop TimeStop
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000110
_L 0x20045DBC 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000140
_L 0x20045DBC 0xAE420078
_C1 Infinite Stamina
_L 0x20097C00 0x24050064
_L 0x20097C90 0xA4803256
_C0 Max Money
_L 0x204F3978 0x0098967F
_C0 Infinite Item Usage
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000210
_L 0x20085D90 0x24020000
_L 0x20085FA8 0x24040000
_L 0x20086024 0x24040000
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000240
_L 0x20085D90 0x320200FF
_L 0x20085FA8 0x7C042620
_L 0x20086024 0x7C042620
_C1 Katie
_L 0x104F3A48 0x0000015E
_C1 Gina
_L 0x104F3A5E 0x0000015E
_C1 Gwen
_L 0x104F3A74 0x0000015E
_C1 Dia
_L 0x104F3A8A 0x0000015E
_C1 Lyla
_L 0x104F3AA0 0x0000015E
_C1 Louis
_L 0x104F3AB6 0x0000015E
_C1 Parsely
_L 0x104F3ACC 0x0000015E
_C1 Bob
_L 0x104F3AE2 0x0000015E
_C1 Tim
_L 0x104F3AF8 0x0000015E
_C1 Joe
_L 0x104F3B0E 0x0000015E
_C1 Kurt
_L 0x104F3B24 0x0000015E
_C1 Woody
_L 0x104F3B3A 0x0000015E
_C1 Wallace
_L 0x104F3B50 0x0000015E
_C1 Ronald
_L 0x104F3B66 0x0000015E
_C1 Martha
_L 0x104F3B7C 0x0000015E
_C1 Rudolph
_L 0x104F3B92 0x0000015E
_C1 Nac
_L 0x104F3BA8 0x0000015E
_C1 Aurelia
_L 0x104F3BBE 0x0000015E
_C1 Flak
_L 0x104F3BD4 0x0000015E
_C1 Alice
_L 0x104F3BEA 0x0000015E
_C1 Charles
_L 0x104F3C00 0x0000015E
_C1 Renton
_L 0x104F3C16 0x0000015E
_C1 Nic
_L 0x104F3C2C 0x0000015E
_C1 Chester
_L 0x104F3C42 0x0000015E
_C1 Zann
_L 0x104F3C58 0x0000015E
_C1 Harvest Goddess
_L 0x104F3C6E 0x0000016E
_C0 1st Slot Hold Mineral Spinach
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000005E
_C0 1st Slot Hold Alfalfa Sprouts
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000050
_C0 1st Slot Hold Mineral Alfalfa Sprouts
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000063
_C0 1st Slot Hold Grass
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000081
_C0 1st Slot Hold Red Herb
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000082
_C0 1st Slot Hold Green Herb
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000083
_C0 1st Slot Hold Moondrop Herb
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000084
_C0 1st Slot Hold Silverbell Herb
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000058
_C0 1st Slot Hold Pink Cat Mint
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000085
_C0 1st Slot Hold Wild Mint
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000053
_C0 1st Slot Hold Frost Pansy
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000054
_C0 1st Slot Hold Stardust
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000055
_C0 1st Slot Hold Mistbloom
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000056
_C0 1st Slot Hold Fairy Dress
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000057
_C0 1st Slot Hold Pontata Roots
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000009B
_C0 1st Slot Hold Common Seashell
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000095
_C0 1st Slot Hold Wonderful Seashell
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000097
_C0 1st Slot Hold Coal
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000113
_C0 1st Slot Hold Moonlight Stone
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000114
_C0 1st Slot Hold Blue Rock
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000115
_C0 1st Slot Hold Rare Metal
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000116
_C0 1st Slot Hold Iron Ore
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000117
_C0 1st Slot Hold Copper Ore
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000118
_C0 1st Slot Hold Gold Ore
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000119
_C0 1st Slot Hold Silver Ore
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000011A
_C0 1st Slot Hold Orichalcum
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000011C
_C0 1st Slot Hold Emerald
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000123
_C0 1st Slot Hold Sapphire
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000127
_C0 1st Slot Hold Aquamarine
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000128
_C0 1st Slot Hold Ruby
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000012B
_C0 1st Slot Hold Garnet
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000012C
_C0 1st Slot Hold Amethyst
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000012D
_C0 1st Slot Hold Aquamarine
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000135
_C0 1st Slot Hold Opal
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000136
_C0 1st Slot Hold Scrap Metal
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000137
_C0 1st Slot Hold Mineral Crystal
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000138
_C0 1st Slot Hold Coral
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000096
_C0 1st Slot Hold Sunken Treasure
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000C4
_C0 1st Slot Hold Pirate Treasure
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000C5
_C0 1st Slot Hold Treasure Chest
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000C6
_C0 1st Slot Hold Diamond
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000120
_C0 1st Slot Hold Ammonite Fossil
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013C
_C0 1st Slot Hold Trilobite Fossil
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013D
_C0 1st Slot Hold Plant Fossil
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013E
_C0 1st Slot Hold Ancient Fish Fossil
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013F
_C0 1st Slot Hold Earthenware
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000140
_C0 1st Slot Hold Unknown Object
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000141
_C0 1st Slot Hold Unusual Pot
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000142
_C0 1st Slot Hold Mysterious Clay Doll
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000143
_C0 1st Slot Hold Lumber
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000098
_C0 1st Slot Hold Diamond Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000B8
_C0 1st Slot Hold Opal Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000B9
_C0 1st Slot Hold Garnet Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BA
_C0 1st Slot Hold Emerald Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BB
_C0 1st Slot Hold Sapphire Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BC
_C0 1st Slot Hold Aquamarine Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BD
_C0 1st Slot Hold Ruby Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BE
_C0 1st Slot Hold Amethyst Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000BF
_C0 1st Slot Hold Moonlight Earrings
_L 0x104D336C 0x000000C0
_C0 1st Slot Hold Special Fishing Bait
_L 0x104D336C 0x00000139
_C0 1st Slot Hold AP Medicine
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013A
_C0 1st Slot Hold Super AP Medicine
_L 0x104D336C 0x0000013B

Edit by vnctdj : Please use the "code" tag when you post long lists like this one.

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - lestershaman - 05-12-2014 01:06 PM

What are the names for???on the villagers??? is it a mod???

RE: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley - ULUS10458 - divinezekart31 - 06-14-2014 02:37 PM

_C0 Stop Time
_L 0xE1010002 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100006 0x004B94C1
_L 0xE1010000 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100008 0x004B94C1
Note: If you want to deactivate the time freeze just disable the cheat and walk into another room or go in to a house, then just turn it on again if you want freeze the time again.
credits to naren44 and Engkus Sutisna Cool