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speed drop win32 between 8.1.751 and 788 - [email protected] - 07-26-2013 07:06 AM

I noticed theres speed drop and older version worked a bit faster,tested on rocky balboa, undead knights, also games work faster in PSP native resolution in x1 window but i cant display them like that in fullscreen cause they get rescaled to higher resolution anyway, can this be optionable cause i would like to keep 480x272 in fullscreen, i dont care that it might look bad or something and would be good to show someone whats the real PSP resolution compared to emulator supporting higher resolutions.

RE: speed drop win32 between 8.1.751 and 788 - Gurlok - 07-26-2013 07:23 AM

Texture scaling, anti aliasing, buffered rendering, even mipmapping can cause speed loss during gameplay when they are enabled, if you are using some of those try to disable them. About the rendering resolution I can't help you here, wait for some expert on the matter.

RE: speed drop win32 between 8.1.751 and 788 - [email protected] - 07-26-2013 08:22 AM

I used exactly the same ini file, Undead knights works even faster in so its how its gonna be , compatibility rate for exchange of fps drop ?

RE: speed drop win32 between 8.1.751 and 788 - solarmystic - 07-26-2013 01:20 PM


If you're serious about getting to the bottom of this problem and can state the exact revision the speed drop occured in for all those games, we (the PPSSPP testers and developers) can investigate the issue further for you and the benefit of all the other lower end PPSSPP owners who may also be suffering the performance regression.

Just stating that it happened between 751 and 788 is a bit too vague for our purposes.

It would also help your case if you provided screenshots of the game running in both the fast revision and the slower revision at the exact same scene, indicating the speed drop for the specific game.

For example, if your performance in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has dropped in 0.8.1-788 as compared to 0.8.1-747 using the same ini file and in the same graphical scenario, provide the evidence as shown below :-

(This is a simulated example used for this post. There is no actual performance regression in this case, since I just set PPSSPP to limit the 2nd screenshot to 496 Speed in the options. They both perform similarly for me when totally unthrottled, ~500 Speed)

0.8.1-747 (Speed = 504)


0.8.1-788 (Speed = 496)


Notice that I took the shots using the exact same scenes to compare the difference.

This game is not very useful for our purposes since even with the very minor regression it is still highly playable as long as the Speed remains above 60.

What we'd consider a notable performance regression worth looking into would be Speed loss greater than 10 - 20 % or more importantly, from Speed > 60 to Speed < 60 between the two revisions.

What are your specs anyway? It shouldn't be too hard to maintain decent speeds unless you're on some ancient computer or using a netbook, or using an integrated Intel graphics solution. Just look at my own specs for example, it's a 4+ year old laptop and still doing fine for most games in PPSSPP.