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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - aki21 - 07-26-2013 04:46 AM

i dun know if this codes just same as europe version,well i did try some code,and the result were some working and some might not.

[/code]_S ULUS-10391
_G Monster Hunter Freedom Unite(USA)
_C1 Inf. Money
_L 0x21203490 0x05F5E0FF
_C1 Max Pokke Points
_L 0x21203488 0x05F5E0FF
_C1 MaxGuild Point
_L 0x2120348C 0x05F5E0FF
_C1 Neko Skil Point
_L 0x212039BC 0x000F423F
_L 0x21203A2C 0x000F423F
_L 0x21203A9C 0x000F423F
_C1 All Medals
_L 0x81201640 0x00060001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C0 Auto Clear Quest
_L 0x01206628 0x00000032
_L 0x01206630 0x00000032
_C1 Max HP
_L 0x108B3864 0x00000096
_L 0x108B399E 0x00000096
_C1 Stamina Max
_L 0x108B3ADA 0x000001C2
_L 0x108B3BAE 0x000001C2
_C0 Time Fix
_L 0x2025B96C 0x00015F90
_L 0x21205F10 0x00013C68
_C1 Auto-Paint Bosses
_L 0x008B3BAA 0x000000FF
_C1 Invincible
_L 0x108B3804 0x00000000
_C1 Max Attack Drug
_L 0x008B390A 0x0000007F
_C1 Max Defense Drug
_L 0x008B390B 0x0000007F
_C1 Max Stamina Drug
_L 0x008B3BA2 0x000000FF
_C1 Max Sharpness
_L 0x108B4672 0x000001B5
_L 0x108B3B8C 0x000001B5
_C1 Gun Bow always loaded
_L 0x008B3BC4 0x0000000A
_L 0x008B3BFC 0x0000000A
_C1 No Gunlance Overheat
_L 0x108B3BF2 0x00000000
_C1 Max Weapon Charge
_L 0x108B3BF2 0x00000000
_C1 Max Taichi Charge
_L 0x108B46C0 0x00000064
_C1 Max Cat Level
_L 0x012039A2 0x0000000F
_C1 Max Cat Attack
_L 0x112039A6 0x00004725
_C1 Max Cat Defense
_L 0x112039AA 0x00004725
_C1 99x All Item Bag
_L 0x8119E16A 0x00180004
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_L 0x81204C48 0x00180004
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_C1 Set Inf Bombs & Traps
_L 0x2119A12C 0x00000000
_C1 Max force attack
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x00108180
_C1 Max all weapons Slot
_L 0x8015A116 0x047D0018
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max all weapons Defense
_L 0x8015A110 0x047D0018
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all weapons Critical
_L 0x8015A111 0x047D0018
_L 0x00000064 0x00000000
_C1 Max slots all long range
_L 0x80160CE4 0x015E001C
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max defense all long range
_L 0x80160CE2 0x015E001C
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Min recoil all long range
_L 0x80160CE3 0x015E001C
_L 0x00000006 0x00000000
_C1 Rapid reload all long range
_L 0x80160CEB 0x015E001C
_L 0x00000006 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Heads Defense
_L 0x801633A8 0x01B30028
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Heads Resistence
_L 0x801633A9 0x01B30028
_L 0x0000007F 0x00000000
_L 0x801633AA 0x01B30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_L 0x801633AC 0x01B30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Heads Slots
_L 0x801633AE 0x01B30028
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Bodies Defense
_L 0x801677C8 0x01A30028
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Bodies Resistence
_L 0x801677C9 0x01A30028
_L 0x0000007F 0x00000000
_L 0x801677CA 0x01A30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_L 0x801677CC 0x01A30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Bodies Slots
_L 0x801677CE 0x01A30028
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Wrists Defense
_L 0x8016B968 0x019A0028
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Wrists Resistence
_L 0x8016B969 0x019A0028
_L 0x0000007F 0x00000000
_L 0x8016B96A 0x019A0014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_L 0x8016B96C 0x019A0014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Wrists Slots
_L 0x8016B96E 0x019A0028
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Waists Defense
_L 0x8016F9A0 0x01980028
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Waists Resistence
_L 0x8016F9A1 0x01980028
_L 0x0000007F 0x00000000
_L 0x8016F9A2 0x01980014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_L 0x8016F9A4 0x01980014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Waists Slots
_L 0x8016F9A6 0x01980028
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Feet Defense
_L 0x80173988 0x01A30028
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Feet Resistence
_L 0x80173989 0x01A30028
_L 0x0000007F 0x00000000
_L 0x8017398A 0x01A30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_L 0x8017398C 0x01A30014
_L 0x10007F7F 0x00000000
_C1 Max all Feet Slots
_L 0x8017398E 0x01A30028
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000
_C1 x99 Inv. items
_L 0x01204C48 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C4C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C50 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C54 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C58 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C5C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C60 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C64 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C68 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C6C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C70 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C74 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C78 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C7C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C80 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C84 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C88 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C8C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C90 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C94 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C98 0x00000063
_L 0x01204C9C 0x00000063
_L 0x01204CA0 0x00000063
_L 0x01204CA4 0x00000063

as far as i know,cheats like infi health,stamina,money,bullet is working.

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - vnctdj - 07-26-2013 03:54 PM

I compared some of these codes with the EU version ones and I found that they are different... So this is useful to propose your thread Wink

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - Alucard - 08-27-2013 02:42 AM

I'm experiencing the game crashing as I enable some codes for this game. Is anyone else having this problem?

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - aki21 - 08-29-2013 11:13 AM

(08-27-2013 02:42 AM)Alucard Wrote:  I'm experiencing the game crashing as I enable some codes for this game. Is anyone else having this problem?

no,should be fine now,but some code.might not work.properly & maybe can give a glitch,bug,crash etc.all the above code is already active(c1),if not active it(co),just use the active one,i suggest don't use too many at ones.also if you imported from cheat db then guess that what make it crash,for now only 64 cheat can be use,if more than that it will crash when you tick the cheat.suggestion is by editing your cheat ini files as to load just a 64 cheat and transfer the ini file to your android cheat folder.

already tested on my android device,also i'm not really sure,but i think we need to start a new games with new savedata in order for the cheat to work ingame:/

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - Bambilio - 09-06-2013 12:30 AM

Does anyone know how to get the HP display cheat to work? I've been trying and trying but nothing seems to work. Does it not work in v9.1? Any help is appreciated Smile

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - und3adx - 10-06-2013 05:58 PM

(09-06-2013 12:30 AM)Bambilio Wrote:  Does anyone know how to get the HP display cheat to work? I've been trying and trying but nothing seems to work. Does it not work in v9.1? Any help is appreciated Smile

PPSSPP still does not support joker commands... I'm hoping that they'll soon find a way to support it. I also would like to thank Henrik for creating PPSSPP, i think the newer builds supports more games now. Can't wait to see whats new in v0.10 when its realesed. (sorry for my english... This is my 1st post) Tongue

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - slark - 11-01-2013 09:57 PM

The _CO cheats doesn't work.

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - vnctdj - 11-01-2013 10:18 PM

(11-01-2013 09:57 PM)slark Wrote:  The _CO cheats doesn't work.

Did you know that "_C0" means "disabled" and "_C1" means "enabled" ? Wink

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - aki21 - 11-02-2013 01:42 AM

(11-01-2013 09:57 PM)slark Wrote:  The _CO cheats doesn't work.

uhh,the _C0 cheats is disable,so turn it on in cheats UI or simply edit the ini files _c0 to _c1 for the cheat to work.i tested before and seem it okay to used cheat db instead and import all the game cheat code,and seem almost all the cheat working fine more easy to use the ui though to select cheat ,but if you have external cheat just paste in the ini files.

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - DutchGabber - 12-21-2013 12:15 PM

The item codes do not work for me Sad i just made a new account activated the cheats but don't get a single item! what to do?

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - braverybravery2014 - 01-31-2014 11:25 AM

sir how to cheat in android pls help

can anyone know how to cheat using android

RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA] - farizarch - 03-05-2014 04:27 AM

here is another code to get all item in box for US version with 99 quantity, and already test it

_C0 All frigin item in the box!!!
_L 0x8119D1C8 0x03E80002
_L 0x10000000 0x00000001
_L 0x8119D1CA 0x03E80004
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000

Button Combo Cheats always firing - ThatBenderGuy - 06-14-2014 11:19 AM

I've been using cheats for the US version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite like this one

Quote:_C0 MoonJump (L+R)
_L 0xE0030000 0x108B37E0
_L 0xD0000001 0x10000300
_L 0x108B37C6 0x00004200
_L 0x108B3818 0x00004400

but the second I activate the cheat it sends me flying and I can't stop it even though I am not Pressing L+R. Does PPSSPP use different mapping that's causing the code to loop, skipping the L+R check? I am running PPSSPP version 0.9.8

RE: Button Combo Cheats always firing - ZackHD - 06-14-2014 02:16 PM

(06-05-2014 06:08 AM)ZackHD Wrote:  I know my english is Terribel sorry for that :/ And i know the HP Display from Luna ♥
But ist the simpel version for Mhfu and i wanted to use the HPD 5.0
for Details of the Monsters etc..~

And when i activate the HPD or Any other CWCheat Code in MHFU that needs key combination to work for HPD exampel :
L+ Select = On
R+Select = Details On
L+left = Color change etc...~

2.Exampel :
Instant Sleep/Stun
L + Circel On
L + Square On

Rapid Fire
R + Circel On

This all Button combinations from the CWcodes are pressed all automatic by ppsspp constanly On/Off when i activate the Codes but "ONLY" in Mhfu ^^ and i dont figure out why :/

(06-05-2014 08:29 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  @ZackHD key combinations doesn't work in ppsspp and might never will at more advanced cheats, because it's not just about unsupported code type but also because how the emulation works, those cheats will work only through cheat menu as leaving that menu is our workaround for this problem.
"0xD" type code is unsupported that's why all of those key combination features work as if the buttons were pressed all the time, however if that code would be supported, pressing keys would just not do anything in game because the emulator wouldn't recompile the code changed by cheat so yeah that'll not work. You basically have to modify that cheat for it's features to work through menu, that's the only way.

You can just paste that cheat and I or anyone else who can will edit it for you to work through cheat menu, it might not be what you could wish for, but it's really the only way to do it now.

(06-07-2014 12:45 AM)barbanium Wrote:  
  • The obvious one is you cannot toggle things since joker commands aren't compatible with PPSSPP.
  • If you go to the cheats selection menu then go back to the game, the codes deactivates, even if you didn't touch anything.
  • At an interval of about 5 - 10 mins. in the game, it freezes for about 30 secs. then resumes. I don't know about you but this will bug me if I use these codes regularly.

Your options now are:

1) Just use HPD v1.0
2) Wait for somebody, like LunaMoo, to edit HPD v5.0

Nextime post pls ur CWCheat Problems here --> CLICK ME Smoothly <3 <--

RE: Button Combo Cheats always firing - ThatBenderGuy - 06-15-2014 01:27 AM

Alright sorry about that, sucks it doesn't support button presses /: