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RE: .hack//link - Trenico - 05-11-2013 02:28 PM

i cant play it, i dont know why, after skiping all those menssage windows, the game gets freezed after one of them and i have to close ppsspp...

RE: .hack//link - Tsuruga - 05-12-2013 02:17 AM

um... I have a question how do you skip the data installation?
when I want to play it it asking for name then data install 860mb > and then freeze....

RE: .hack//link - ChangeX - 06-18-2013 11:01 PM

if you want to skip data installation, you must have the system data of hack//link
well if you don't have it just use the older version of ppsspp to skip it

RE: .hack//link - Joeko5489 - 06-19-2013 01:51 PM

Can any ppl teach me hw to download ths game with iphone

RE: .hack//link - utsuho_reiuji01 - 06-20-2013 06:55 PM

anyone how to know to skip data instalation its say need older version but what version i need to use

RE: .hack//link - brujo55 - 06-20-2013 07:06 PM

(06-20-2013 06:55 PM)utsuho_reiuji01 Wrote:  anyone how to know to skip data instalation its say need older version but what version i need to use
simple download save data from gamefaq.

RE: .hack//link - ChangeX - 06-21-2013 01:45 AM

(06-20-2013 06:55 PM)utsuho_reiuji01 Wrote:  anyone how to know to skip data instalation its say need older version but what version i need to use

use v 0.7

RE: .hack//link - utsuho_reiuji01 - 06-21-2013 02:01 AM

alr skip that data instalation the sound is so bad because i only get 20 FPS trying to change setting still get 20 FPS but its still playable

RE: .hack//link - afabledhero - 07-16-2013 12:48 AM

Any way to fix the warped text?

also, the game is running 60fps on andriod without frame skipping on 8.1-553

RE: .hack//link - vegetax99 - 08-11-2013 09:01 PM

Help please cant play game after name input the game freezes its same problem for all builds.

RE: .hack//link - zefie - 08-16-2013 03:14 PM

Regarding freezing at the beginning (data install):
I know PPSSPP does not support data installation yet, however it does work fine with using an existing data installation.

To work around this, you will need JPCSP. Run the game in JPCSP, and let it install the data. Continue after the data is installed until the next popup appears (saving system data) (unlike most other games with installations, if you do not let this game save the system data file, the game will ignore the install data and you will still freeze, since it will want to install it again. Pretty much once the opening movie is playing, you are good.)

Once there is a "ULJS00266INST" and "ULJS00266SYSTEM" folder in your JPCSP's virtual memstick folder, you can close JPCSP.

Copy those folders to your PPSSPP virtual memstick. You should no longer get the name prompt or freeze, and it should go straight to the opening movie after the developer logos.

RE: .hack//link - Ollie'MiRa - 08-17-2013 08:04 PM

Can someone who got it to work on android post with what settings and what ppsspp version?
Im on 0.8.1 1438 and im not even able to get to the load screen. Ppsspp just freezes by simply selecting the game (doesnt crash simply freezes).

RE: .hack//link - Gvertin - 08-22-2013 05:03 PM

Zefie - thank you, i worked.

RE: .hack//link - vegetax99 - 08-24-2013 04:07 AM

This game doesn't work cant get past after input name. The game freeze

RE: .hack//link - trev186 - 09-05-2013 03:32 AM


for the english translation is it full story translated or just menus? I never could quite figure it out.

the translation patch site makes it sound like it should be fully english but I saw a few you tube videos and the story text was still not in English.

I can confirm though that once you have the right files (gamefaqs) the game is full speed on PPSSPP for Android for me.

Now it is just a matter of finding the right patch.