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Help Needed (very worth it) - Dribblejam218 - 06-22-2013 04:49 PM

Hello everyone. I am not new here but it seems I have lost my previous Dribblejam account. I forgot the password and couldn't answer the security questions to retrieve it...anyway, I have great news for everyone. Someone that goes by the name of PyroFilmsFX has found a way to install emulators on a non jailbroken idevice even without a developer account. Check it out:

-but here's what this thread is really about. He needs help from some coders so that he can provide more emulators for us. Right now people are mostly hoping to have someone help with the RetroArch emulator as its many in one. But he needs help with compiling or something like that. Sorry I'm low on details but hopefully someone can help!