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Class of Heroes 2 - rpglord - 06-15-2013 05:32 PM

Genre: RPG, Dungeon Crawler
Region: US
Format: ISO
Version: v0.7.6-1263
OS: Windows 7 x64
Compatibility: Playable

This game seems completely playable, there is no any videos but it doesn't seem like there is any in the game...

Should we even report games that are working properly ? Smile

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Furby - 08-04-2013 09:43 PM

While I can't post an exact version when it started, the BGM from this game is now severely messed up in recent builds of the Android Version. The sound seems fine on the Windows version (tested with both the Android and Win64 versions of the v0.8.1-1076-g7a00891 revision). However, the sound effects seem fine.

EDIT: Poking around on the forums, I saw the recent issues with ARMJIT on android. It seems the issue may be related to that, because on the revision that gets recommended in the meantime until they fix it (v0.8.1-1029-g51596b6) has perfect audio.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Gurlok - 08-04-2013 10:02 PM

Does this issue happens in certain points or at random?

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Furby - 08-04-2013 10:11 PM

(08-04-2013 10:02 PM)Gurlok Wrote:  Does this issue happens in certain points or at random?

Ehh, see my EDIT for clarification, I think it's related to some of the standard issues going on with the Android builds at the moment.

However, it was constant. The BGM was simply entirely off. If you listened closely you could tell it was a messed up version of the regular BGM, but it was constantly not right.

Though I should say that I'm more just poking with the game right now instead of diving in, since I just power beat it not too long ago. In particular, I was looking at the theme at the opening menu and at the music that plays when you start a new game.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Gurlok - 08-04-2013 10:46 PM

I see, well I replied before your edit, so...Anyway, I hope the bug will be fixed for android devices. I would be willing to test the future builds, but I have no android device capable of running PPSSPP at all.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - laclongquan - 08-30-2013 05:33 AM

There is no movie at the start of the game. Straight to the "press Start" button screen. Is that normal?
Windows XPSP3.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - mr.chya - 08-30-2013 06:05 AM

Yes that's normal. Unfortunately at the time of release on the PSN Gaijinworks still had yet to acquire the license for the opining song and was released with out it. Luckily with the discovery of a rather annoying bug having to do with the alchemy recipies you can buy that forced the delay of the manufacturing of the UMDs they were able to acquire the rights to both the Japanese and English opining song and they will be available on both the upcoming UMD release that has finaly been approved for manufacturing and the new 1.01 version that will hopefully be released on PSN soon.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Furby - 11-05-2013 04:54 PM

I'm unable to post version number specifics when it started, but I noticed it when PPSSPP removed the proprietary plugin in favor of a built in one.

Music no longer works. Sound effects work fine, but the BGM does not run at all.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Uthred - 11-12-2013 02:29 AM

This crashes as soon as soon as combat starts

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - CarRank - 12-11-2013 01:17 AM

I read in the forum about this game. If someone has any solution, this game is playable but errors. I have used 0.95 and 0.91 version of PPSSPP, the problem I am having is one of the beginners quest, the quest is to go to Beginner's Brush in game, but it is saying on screen "Now Loading" but it has froze in a continuous loop. See attachment. I have press all the buttons. The game I can still access the school and enroll students. How do I pass the "Now Loading" screen to the area? I have used the windows-32 version and windows-64 version of the emulator PPSSPP for 0.95 and 0.91 version.

How do I go beyond the "Now loading" screen error, and will an older ppsspp emulator still work this game? Do I need to make changes in the settings to fix this error?

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - mr.chya - 12-11-2013 08:19 AM

That is a known issue with the official 0.9.5 release that has been fixed in newer development "Beta" builds. You can find the latest beta builds here:

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - dricc - 12-17-2013 09:01 AM

This game works fine with 0.9.6 release ... thanks a lot !

The "now loading" issue is resolved .

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Harlequin - 12-19-2013 09:08 AM

Music doesn't play in dungeons (at the very least not in the first one). It starts playing when you bring up a menu of some kind, but then immediately disappears once you get back to moving around your character.

PPSSPP version: v0.9.6-143-g899fd5c 64bit

Tried the official 0.9.6 release as well, but it's got the same problem.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - mr.chya - 12-19-2013 07:52 PM

There is no music in the dungeons. The only sounds you get while exploring the dungeons are your own footsteps the occasional breeze and other ambient sounds designed to enhance the overall atmosphere of the dungeons.

RE: Class of Heroes 2 - Harlequin - 12-20-2013 07:54 AM

Oooh, I see, nevermind me then. Just thought it was odd that there was music playing whenever you brought the menu up, but not while walking around... that combined with the idea that bugs and problems while emulating games like this ain't all that surprising to see.