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Problem with Tactics Ogre - calistan - 06-15-2013 09:44 AM

This PPSSPP is by far the best PSP emulator, and many thanks for creating it. My favorite game is Tactics Ogre, and it works beautifully for almost everything. There are just two things that would perfect it:

1. Buffer rendering needs to be disabled when on the map screen, and conversely, buffer rendering needs to be on in the action screen. So, basically, I can just press the F5 key, when I need to to turn on or off buffer rendering. Although, this seems like it would be an easy thing to iron out, IDK...just thinking of what would make this emulator even better.

2. In Tactics Ogre, linear filtering can't be turned on in the action or fighting screen. It creates a smoothed (which is good) look, but also it makes many rectangle tiles out of the screen.

Which one would I like most fixed? I would say that is #1. You sure have active programing often update PPSSPP at least once a day. Thanks for your hard work.

RE: Problem with Tactics Ogre - Henrik - 06-15-2013 07:20 PM

1 is definitely a bug, not really sure what's going on there but we have similar problems with GTA and some other games. The emu is not smart enough about buffer management yet.

2 can't be fixed, some games use textures in a way that just isn't compatible with forced linear filtering. I get so many reports about this that I'm starting to think of removing the option entirely. Maybe it will get better when it's a per-game specific option, off by default.

RE: Problem with Tactics Ogre - solarmystic - 06-16-2013 01:45 AM


Linear filtering is alrady off by default lol. It's generally a bad idea to turn it on for 2D heavy games like Tactics Ogre.

Please don't take it out, it really helps smoothen out the pixellated videos and text on the emulator when rendering at really high resolutions.

Keeping it as an option that is off by default is a good choice for now.

RE: Problem with Tactics Ogre - calistan - 06-16-2013 02:05 AM

Thanks for the reply. You guys are doing an amazing job with this emulator. The amount of times you update PPSSPP in a given time shows a lot of dedication. My thanks.

RE: Problem with Tactics Ogre - rpglord - 06-17-2013 08:10 AM

second problem can be fixed by using other types of filtering, called texture scaling in ppsspp.
It will still smooth the graphics without causing unwanted lines. But to me, these options look a little bit cartoony, it doesn't look "normal".
But I guess somebody may like them, it's worth a shoot