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lost regnum - dpqk123 - 05-29-2013 12:39 PM

Title: lost regnum the emperor of theives
Genre: ACT
Region: kor
Format: ISO
Version: v0.7.6-905-g9832e24
OS: Windows
Compatibility: Playable
Notes:font problems

RE: lost regnum - sfageas - 05-29-2013 12:57 PM

Game threads must be like this

RE: lost regnum - dpqk123 - 05-29-2013 01:28 PM

(05-29-2013 12:57 PM)sfageas Wrote:  Game threads must be like this

Description Thank you!

RE: lost regnum - GuilhermeGS2 - 05-29-2013 02:39 PM

added to compatibility list

RE: lost regnum - solarmystic - 05-29-2013 08:33 PM

Interestingly enough, the US version of this game titled Warriors of The Lost Empire (ULUS10309) does not have those disappearing font issues besides the usual improper font spacing and placement.

Still very playable and legible. Voices and BGM work just fine. FMVs are obviously not working at the moment.

Tested on 0.7.6-905 with rig in sig.

RE: lost regnum - dpqk123 - 06-04-2013 12:24 PM

Remove all fonts
Can apply fonts on Android?

RE: lost regnum - dpqk123 - 06-06-2013 01:36 PM

Android font position?