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Deadzone settings? - isamu - 05-24-2013 07:24 AM

Henrik Rydgard Wrote:Add back the deadzone to XInput, definitely required with my pad. Restore the magnitude square root.

Henrik Rydgard Wrote:Add KrossX's fix for XInput analog range. The PSPs analog is really far extended outside the circle, even further than the 360.

Hi Henrik. Thanks for adding these features/fixes, but can you tell me where or how to adjust the deadzone on the analog knob? I'm in the controls Xinput menu and around the knob but all I see are the normal LX-/LX+ LY-/LX+ values and no option to adjust deadzone. Using the very latest build post just a few hours ago.

Also, can you shed some light on what the KroxxX analog xinput fix did and how it affects us users who are using say, a steering wheel to mimic the psp analog knob? Does it give us more range to play with, or....?