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RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Kyhel - 11-24-2013 02:37 AM

Ok well I have good news for windows users, i managed to port the code and make a working (i didn't do all the tests, but managed to do a gathering quest with my pc and mac together) windows server. Not every functionnality of the server may work, but at least you can play without problems.

This is only the server part, for the instructions on how to modify the client to make it compatible go to see my post here :

1) Download attachement 4 and unzip it and there you now have it all

2) Double click the .exe, there you go it's working.

3) Go to the config file (ppsspp.ini check my previous long post if you don't know yet how to find it) and edit the proAdhocServer line (or create it) under the [SystemParam] section to put your ip adress.

Enjoy !!!

After all it wasn't so complicated to do it, but credits goes to igorcalabria from which is used the code to know what had to be changed, and to the full Aemu team of course.
Thanks to everyone motivating me to do this, i learned a lot from this Smile

Credits to the Aemu team, from which i ported this, and igorcalabria from which code i've inspired myself to port this.

EDIT : I have added the source code for those who are curious, and not to have any problem with the openSource and GPL stuff which i don't know much about.

EDIT 2 : Here is a build for Mac OSX (with moutain lion), i think it should work out of the box too, for every version of mac, but yet again i can't test it.

EDIT 3 : Everything is now included in the 4th attachement for windows, you just launch the exe and it should work

Attachement 1 : The windows source, .cpp, .h
Attachement 2 : The mac osx server
Attachement 3 : The original source code, with adapted Makefile which should be compilated with Linux or OSX, but with warnings, but i won't remove them since i don't want to break the code from Linux compatibility.
Attachement 4 : The windows server, .exe; .dll and database

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 04:52 AM

wow some huge progress
reading some comments, this is local but its computer connect to another computer am i right?

or is it possible for 1 pc running 2 emulator? or is this not possible yet?

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - LunaMoo - 11-24-2013 05:03 AM

^_^ Tried running two emulators on one pc with MHp3rdHD with local server and the one which goes "online" first works and blocks the second one from working even through I did used 2 builds with different MAC. Anyway great job for making windows build of the server KyhelSmile +1.

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 05:13 AM

i dont know what to do with ppsspp.ini lol @[email protected]

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Kyhel - 11-24-2013 06:26 AM

@LunaMoo Thx, actually it wasn't that difficult, i just needed to figure out what was the changes igorcalabria made into his code for the pc version, that i had to put in the server ^^ And if it doesn't work with 2 emulators it's normal, the server can't differentiate both emulators, the mac is only used like a nickname that would need to be unique (if you want the details look in the code where it's used, it's only to retrieve the corresponding IP, since it's all a fake MAC, the only true mac is the one in your hardware (one per interface)). So if you want to use 2 emulators on one pc, i think you'd have to modify the server, or create a virtual network with an virtual interface (like when you share your ethernet by wifi, wit here you'd share your ethernet internally, maybe with a virtual machine it's easy to do). It's not coming the day i'll try to make the server (and maybe client needs to be modified too) beeing able to differentiate 2 emulators on the same pc, one is already enough Tongue

@gh0stx : i think i've answered to you replying to LunaMoo, it's not coming any time soon ^^ With ppsspp.ini (which is located into your PSP/SYSTEM folder, you can find the proAdhocServer to specify the IP address where is running your server (you can find your ip address (the local one) by clicking on the properties of your network, it should be 192.168 something for most people), or the "official one", but for this one i haven't managed to connect to and do quests, only to get into gathering hall and see other people, and i won't be able until christmas.

And once and for all, it's not possible to do quests on proOnline prometheus server with the actual state of things, you can only see them, but won't be able to connect to them during the quest, if you want to, you can try to guess which port are used by the emulator (hint : at least i think 10000 and 25000 are used, but i'm not sure), and forward them from your router, to your computer, or even put it in the DMZ of your router. For those of you who understand french there is this tutorial : at least the DMZ part, which could allow you to play on proOnline, but once again, i can't test it. And for the uPnP stuff, since i don't know at all how it works and it's not yet implemented by igorcalabria, you can't use it. I didn't find a good tutorial in english, but you can search the web Smile I'll try to play on proOnline using my shared wifi with my iPhone, but since there is not much people on the server, it's hard to test it.

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 06:28 AM

ya u did answer my question regarding the 1 pc 2 emulator Smile

i mean i cant find the proAdhocServer in ppsspp.ini
do i have to create a new line?

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Kyhel - 11-24-2013 06:39 AM

Hum yeah add it, i thought it would be created automatically but it seems not. In mine it's located near the end of the file, under the [SystemParam] section. (I don't know if it's important, but try to put it there, otherwise i can't guarantee anything ^^)
I'll edit my post then, thx Smile

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Rizal - 11-24-2013 06:43 AM

Why when i go to the online gathering hall it keeps saying WLAN power switched do i turn it on..

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Ritori - 11-24-2013 06:44 AM

Someone can upload this file on other download web? I got slow network so it really hard for me Smile

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 07:05 AM

like this?

NickName = PPSSPP
Language = 1
TimeFormat = 1
DateFormat = 1
TimeZone = 0
DayLightSavings = False
ButtonPreference = 1
LockParentalLevel = 0
WlanAdhocChannel = 0
WlanPowerSave = False
EncryptSave = True
BypassOSKWithKeyboard = False
DisasmWindowX = 484
DisasmWindowY = 293
DisasmWindowW = 773
DisasmWindowH = 697
GEWindowX = 484
GEWindowY = 293
GEWindowW = 776
GEWindowH = 694
ConsoleWindowX = -1
ConsoleWindowY = -1
FontWidth = 8
FontHeight = 12
DisplayStatusBar = True
ShowBottomTabTitles = True
ShowDeveloperMenu = False
SkipDeadbeefFilling = False
PrescaleUV = False
DisableAlphaTest = False
sorry i dont know what im doing Sad

i have a psp 3000 and i can get that to work with pro online though, u think its possible for the psp and the pc to connect, via local method

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Kyhel - 11-24-2013 07:07 AM

@Ritori : i've just added it to my previous post's attachements Wink Well there is only the minimum needed to compile on mac and linux (supposing you have libsql3 on your computer (it was built in my mac so i didn't even try to add it, but on windows it was a bit tricky, it was the first time i did this ^^))

@gh0stx Yeah it should, in my ppsspp.ini file it's like 15 lines above, but it should work though (yours is under [SpeedHacks] mine under [SystemParam], it it doesn't work, put it here, you'll be sure it's not the problem ^^)

For the psp, yeah, there is no reason it wouldn't work since i've managed to play with my psp2000 and my mac. Just edit the server.txt file in the selplugins folder and put the ip address of your server instead of Smile

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 07:20 AM

sorry i need to ask something again

so im trying tekken 6, btw all i did was the ones on this page, the step 1 - 6

but i get this
[Image: Screen_Shot083.jpg]

tells me to turn on my wlan how do i do that ?

btw i notice u added another file for windows, the attachment 2, what do i do with those?

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Ritori - 11-24-2013 07:27 AM

Kyle is really necessary to merge both adhoc-support branch and adhoc-support-windows branch?

I try merge adhoc-support-windows after i merge adhoc-support and git bash give me a conflict.

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - Kyhel - 11-24-2013 07:55 AM

@gh0stx, i can see you have version 0.9.5 of PPSSPP did you really follow this post modifying your emulator ? That could be the reason why this isn't working. You only need the first attachement to have a fully out of the box working windows server, but you need to compile your own version of the client with the instructions i gave in the post linked above to connect to it.

@Ritori i think you could use the adhoc-support-windows version directly, but i don't think i've tested it. However DONT USE MERGE, just apply manually all the modifications, and yes your folder will then be incompatible with git, but it's not a problem, it's not like there was and update every day ^^ I only used git bash to download the adhoc-support branch, and then looked on what to modify to get windows working. I'm a bit sleepy now, but i'll check my tutorial as soon as possible (though LunaMoo made it to build and get into his own local server, so it should work, maybe it's just not as clear as i'ld like to ^^')

RE: Online Support (PRO Online) - gh0stx - 11-24-2013 08:15 AM

i cant understand what to do :/ sorry
i downloaded the zip file from
but i dont get this part what changes?
2) Then if you're on windows : look at the changes made on the adhoc-spport-windows branch of his repository and apply them to what you've just downloaded from the adhoc-support branch.

maybe ill just wait till someone uploads a build with this x_x im hopeless lol