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RE: CwCheat Support - Xaymar - 02-11-2015 07:12 PM

What code types are actually supported? I've seen multiple files just not work, even though all codes are valid cwcheat codes, and others work completely fine.

Is the 0x6....... code type supported, or should I just use an external cheat tool for this? According to what I could find about it, it uses this format:
* [GAME] Added multilevel pointer codes. This will allow you to track a point in ram by going trough a series of pointer like those seen in god of war.
o This is the code type:
+ 0x6aaaaaaa 0xvvvvvvvv
+ 0xqqqxnnnn 0xiiiiiiii
+ 0×Swwwwwww 0×Swwwwwww
+ [...]
+ 0×Swwwwwww 0×Swwwwwww
+ a = the starting pointer
+ v = the value to store at the found point at the end
+ q = the offset to add to a each loop(x4) most probably you want this to be zero in this case
+ x = pointer type (check the normal pointers)
+ i = offset to add/subtract (depending to x) from the last pointed area in the pointed chains to find were to put v
+ n = number of times to point (you must start counting from one, so if the level of pointer you want to do is 2 you put here 2 if it's 3 you put 3, the first pointer is considered first level, so if you put two offsets in the third line the value you need is 3)
+ S = offset type to find next pointer (2 for normal offset(+w), 3 for inverse offset(-w))
+ w = offset from the last pointed area to find the next pointer

RE: CwCheat Support - LunaMoo - 02-12-2015 01:20 AM

@Xaymar currently all cw cheat code types are implemented except 0xB which was likely never used by anyone anyway. You can see them all under this switch.

When cheats doesn't work in latest version, it usually means one of the three things:
- address differs on ppsspp vs psp - very common, most of the "help me cheats doesn't work" posts are affected by it and nothing much we can do about it:|, althrough sometimes using "psp-1000" in system settings might help,
- cheats are not using cw cheat format, but something which only looks similar like nitePR - saw people trying to use those at least few times,
- cheats are broken in some way - fair amount of psp cheats does not work as expected, work only in certain areas of the game or in case of typos/improper format even only with certain plugins which might have better bad code detection than ppsspp cheat engine which only corrects most common user mistakes.

I doubt we have any errors left in latest ppsspp cheat engine code at least not in commonly used code types, but recently it got some attention, so few things were added, broken and fixed again after 1.0 was released, so the guide from first post to get the latest build when using cheats still applies here.:]

RE: CwCheat Support - Axzle02 - 02-19-2015 10:36 PM

have fun Big Grin

RE: CwCheat Support - AbnormallyNormal - 03-01-2015 09:11 PM

I can't figure out how to access the so-called "pause menu" to activate cheats in-game after having input them into the relevant cheat savefile? How do I do this?

Edit: Nevermind I just figured it out. I checked in my controls and did indeed find a button assigned to "pause" and it works. Sorry

RE: CwCheat Support - sdm21983 - 04-02-2015 02:39 PM

Sorry, I tried to read through. I've tried ppsspp and ppsspp gold neither have allowed me to find any cheats in the database from inside the game pause menu on my android device. I look in the cheat folder that was created and there are no subfolders from the games I've tried. What step am I missing?

RE: CwCheat Support - sdm21983 - 04-02-2015 04:51 PM

I did find what I was missing. Smile

RE: CwCheat Support - jorgebueno - 04-17-2015 11:22 PM

_S ULES-01422
_G Iron Man 2 [E]
_C0 Infinite tech upgrade points
_L 0x2061C050 0x00989680
_C0 Infinite weapon fire
_L 0x607BE544 0x00000010
_L 0x00020001 0x00000494
_C0 Infinite points
_L 0x6061BAA0 0x0003F064
_L 0x00020001 0x00000404
_C0 AP rockets (Base)
_L 0x607BEFC0 0x0000000A
_L 0x00020001 0x0000081B
_C0 Infinite flying ability
_L 0x007BB0CE 0x000042C8
_C0 Infinite second weapon
_L 0x007BF114 0x0000000A
_L 0x014259F4 0x00000015
_C0 Infinite health
_L 0x007BB0DA 0x000044FA
_L 0x014259EC 0x00000015

S ULUS-10240
_G Prince of Persia: Rival Swords [US]
_C1 Infinite Sands/2
_L 0x009AEC48 0x00000006
_C1 Infinite Sands
_L 0x009AE220 0x0000007D
_C1 Infinite Sand Tanks
_L 0x0097B618 0x00000006

please help does not work codes in ppsspp 1.0.1

RE: CwCheat Support - Mickey - 04-20-2015 06:15 AM

I copy Cheat.db in PSP/Cheat folder but it doesn't work..plzz tell me the solution

how to use cheats.. - ulapcloud - 04-21-2015 01:39 PM

Hi guys! I'm just new here!
How can i use cheats And where could i get some codes?

RE: CwCheat Support - vnctdj - 04-21-2015 01:40 PM


How do you make Cheat codes for CWCheat codes? Tutorial Request (figured min hex requ - TheDragonLord - 05-03-2015 10:03 AM

Hi All! Computer Wizards Wanted!

I've been wanting to port some cheats that I read about on GameFaqs

because, let's face it folks, who DOESN'T like playing as the BIG BADs?! ;D

OK, so here's my reasoning, chances are good that no one is going to make these codes available for the PSP version & available for PPSSPP unless someone actually makes it. Since I am rather inexperienced where coding is concerned (but have used a hex editor at times to cheat games), could y'all brain nerds give some pointers or ideas as to how I'd go about converting these codes for the GameSharked PSX version of FF Tactics into our CWCheat codes? Would I actually need to edit the master script or is there some relatively easy (not necessarily uncomplicated/simple) way to go about doing this? I know running a debugging script or Hex editor can be highly useful as it can artificially change stats in game based upon the numbers. You look for sets of hex via searching the code to find what matches up with it. My guess would be that if I can find the item codes for job classes, then I can make some kind of basic modification if the cheat codes are simple like changing health or gold in Might and Magic games.

Any suggestions?

Really, their needs to be a thorough tutorial so people can make up their own cheat codes. Otherwise, we'll be dependent on others. I want to see it done myself if no one else will. I could punch it out in an afternoon if it's just simple hex editing.

Interested folks, mind giving me some ideas?

Thank you SO MUCH!

And to clarify, I mean taking a particular stat and searching for it (HP is pretty simple) then looking to see what the current number is. Then you get hit by an attack, so the hex value changes. Searching for the changing code means that you can isolate current HP. Doing so means that the editor can edit the program/they are working on to isolate current HP and place in any arbitrary value that they desire, thereby making the HP anything, such as battling the final boss and making your characters have 2,000,000 HP. Tongue

RE: CwCheat Support - vnctdj - 05-03-2015 11:14 AM


RE: CwCheat Support - Merkavah - 05-04-2015 07:22 AM

TheDragonLord brings up the interesting topic of "porting" or converting codes for the original version of games on psx and such into a cwcheat format. I would also be interested in this since I've noticed that the cheats available for some games are rather lacking.

To bring up an example, Valkyrie Profile which got a remake on the PSP as Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, has a code which gives you a maximum number of each and every item in the game.

If you're interested:
Super Item Code
D0045952 1040
80045952 2400
D00458AE A440
800458AE 2400
D00458B2 A140
800458B2 2400

The question is, would it be possible to convert that code or more likely find a similar code? We know that VP Lenneth was essentially a port of the JP version with some added stuff. Therefore, if we were to convert that code to a "raw" format it would simply be a matter of finding the correct offset or start point for the code and editing that code. I do realize, however, that the code in question is a condensed version of a large number of codes and so the individual codes may need to be used instead.

Point is, can it be done?

I'm probably missing something important among all that but hopefully someone gets it..

Sorry for being the noob on this thread but how do I use cheats? - TheFriendlyBroski - 05-05-2015 05:54 PM

Currently looking to use cheats on a few of my PSP games, wondering how I go about using em for PPSSPP? (latest dev build)

RE: CwCheat Support - vnctdj - 05-05-2015 06:10 PM