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ppsspp for mac !!!!HELP!!!! - nacotify - 05-20-2013 06:26 AM

hey guys, im having a hell time trouble with installing ppsspp for mac.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with the following.

I downloaded ppsspp from ( I have tried all versions)
unzipped, and I found a file with the name "PPSSPPSDL" in UNIX executable file. double clicked it, and the terminal pops out (is this normal?) and ppsspp window comes out.
here I have a problem,

one; i cannot get the ppsspp icon to appear anywhere
two; menubar for ppsspp does not appear, so I cannot save games.
(the one that has the following: file, emulation, debug, options, help)

I can load games form the big LOAD button inserted on ppsspp itself, but if I dont get the menubar, I cannot save the game, I suppose.

I wounder if it is because of the file extension as UNIX executable file... since on many video tutorials I see, I dont see the terminal popping out.

Hope someone could help!
Really appreciate it!!!