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sonicstage on linux for atrac3+ - ravid1323 - 05-13-2013 06:08 PM

i understood, that atrac3+ won't work for now on linux machine, because of missing of open source, and work on windows, because there is sonicstage only for windows. now, i saw that there is sonicstage for linux:
and sonicstage alternative for linux named JSymphonic, that also open sourced. it is about doing what sonicstage doing on windows over here:

i don't know how helpful it is, or if it is new to something, but at least someone will see this

RE: sonicstage on linux for atrac3+ - [Unknown] - 05-13-2013 08:43 PM

AFAICT JSymphonic is only an open source API into the hardware ATRAC3+ on Sony walkmans. So unless you have soldered a ATRAC3+ chip into your phone, this probably won't help. See also:

The "SonicStage on Linux" you linked to is actually SonicStage in a VM. Running PPSSPP in a VM will hurt performance significantly (based on my tests doing exactly that), and trying to proxy things into a daemon running on the VM would be complicated and probably lead to a lot of latency.

I think it'd be much preferable to decode them natively, although that's even harder...