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RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - Ultor - 05-31-2018 03:04 PM

I would like the ability to disable the non-integer scaling of the video.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - LunaMoo - 05-31-2018 04:53 PM

@Ultor just use display layout editor and switch it to manual where you can set any integer scaling you want and place it around the view where you want.:]

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - I needs Help - 05-31-2018 07:00 PM

Pertaining to the mobile versions, has a gamesave share feature already been requested? How about the ability to download a game thats being shared/streamed to you? How about mirror screen for the ios version (android already has a mirror screen feature that isn't restricted to the devices it can stream to). Also remove or increase the max size limit for buttons.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - riskx - 06-04-2018 08:36 AM

(android request) add an option that when you press power button to turn off display to save battery life, it will not pause/halt the ppsspp, causing adhoc connection with another device to disconnect.

very useful in games like Final Fantasy type-0. where you need long hours of intrusion and the other device does not need to be controlled.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - Rekrul - 06-15-2018 01:33 PM

I'd like to request an option to have PPSSPP display the filenames for games on the front-end screen (list view) rather than the internal names. Maybe a setting in the INI file?

Sorry if this has been requested before. I flipped through all 99 pages and searched each one for "filename", but didn't see anything similar.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - vsub_ - 06-15-2018 05:11 PM

As far as I can tell,those are implemented 34,38,39,63,71,74,87,95,102,110,113 and 45 is half implemented.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - timmy30274 - 07-25-2018 06:52 AM

request i want is a renamer. after i drag\drop a cso\iso, i want to go rename the file based on what i see in the titlebar.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - Asferot - 07-25-2018 03:56 PM

(07-25-2018 06:52 AM)timmy30274 Wrote:  request i want is a renamer. after i drag\drop a cso\iso, i want to go rename the file based on what i see in the titlebar.

Shouldn't you actually know what you are about to play on your system? I cant imagine many or any people at all who don't know what they are about to play.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - BrunoRaji - 10-20-2018 05:16 PM

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Can Not Record Properly

I tried everything, Software Mode, and every Rendering backend/Rendeting mode


The same thing happens in Double Upper (AJPAN)

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - shinra358 - 10-21-2018 08:30 PM

Can we finally get the option to remove the bit that restricts xbrz since ppsspp is so fast at 10x resolution with xbrz on now? I would like to play FFT and SFA3Max without flickering sprites.

In the retroarch core version, this bit even restricts external shaders and cause the same issue.

What bit am I talking about? this:

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - LunaMoo - 10-22-2018 04:13 AM

RA extra features are unrelated to actual PPSSPP, if someone added some feature there and decided to limit it same way, it's their decision, most likely if it behaves same way it's probably just same feature renamed for no reason, RA is famous for awful UI and weird option naming.

PPSSPP as of now does not have a GPU based texture scaling at least not officially, there is this branch which does it on the gpu and works well enough for some games, but even through gpu is much faster at scaling, doing it in real time also requires much more powerful hardware(heavily differs per game and resolution used).
My personal builds includes that realtime texture scaling if you want to check it(D3D11 backend required, but it's pretty much best on windows anyway).

As of the old CPU based texture scaling, nothing really changed outside of the fact that it's slower on Vulkan backend which became default from some time, so in reality scaling for most people became slower, not faster;p, the only reason most people will not notice is exactly because of those limits still being in place and that just proves they should still be there.
Even on modern desktop cpu's ppsspp's texture scaling can easily cause stutter or frame drops depending on game, multiplier, resolution used and algorithm choosen for scaling. Just because fps display will show max fps, doesn't mean it's smooth and unfortunately a lot of people don't realize the problems they're experiencing might be caused by texture scaling, allowing it without limits is just asking for trouble especially when most popular psp games are also among the most demanding ones.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - BoltAresX - 11-17-2018 03:33 PM

Can we have saved data syncing? That would be really useful.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - SuperOstrich - 12-11-2018 02:56 AM

Here's one I've been thinking about a lot lately.

I published HD Texture Packs for Ace Combat X & Joint Assault recently and was genuinely surprised by how many people had a hard time installing them. The biggest issue stemmed from \ppsspp\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES not being created automatically; and users having a hard time creating the necessary path.

It would be amazing if PPSSPP created the prerequisite folder structure for texture packs automatically, or had some other means of installing texture packs (maybe ZIP files with a simple manifest indicating which disc IDs the pack works for?)

Thanks for reading, PPSSPP is incredible!

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - RedStreak - 12-23-2018 02:51 PM

Hi. I'm trying to rip stages from 3D fighting games (for MUGEN usage) and I had a nice surprise with the GE Debugger window.
I wonder if is possible to implement a scroll function for it, something like Nebula emulator.
Thank you for the wonderful emulator.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - oldmario - 04-02-2019 02:56 PM

has the option of a second stick appearing onscreen instead of the d-pad or face buttons for games that allow you to use them for camera control been discussed? i assume if we've made it this far into ppsspp development that it wasn't added because of that a casual user would think it'd work for all games