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RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - Alex75 - 05-11-2014 10:14 AM

Hi , I have a little feature request :
- Use our smartphone as a controller when we play on a tablet.

Because tablets are more powerful but it´s difficult to play on.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - lampuiho - 05-12-2014 01:27 PM

Some basic search functions for the memory view dialogue would be great.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - griffinith - 05-12-2014 07:05 PM

A calibration tool for correcting screen/input lag.

I attempted to play patapon 2 last night and noticed the minimal lag.. It was enough to make the game unplayable. I suspect other rhythm based games will also suffer depending on various hardware components.

Separate Configurations - sanjui9000 - 05-13-2014 03:56 PM

I use this emulator almost every time! I was wondering if we can set appropriate configurations for each game!!!
Like, right now i have to set setting each time according to game i am playing. Can we have game specific settings for each game?
So that i don't have to change settings each time
Sorry if i am posting this at a a wrong place. Thank youuu

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - vnctdj - 05-13-2014 04:57 PM


RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - howardDelinto - 05-16-2014 11:22 PM

with the big changes from windows phone 8.1, is there a possible version for it ?

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - ysangredevago - 05-18-2014 05:19 AM

1) Support Touchpad For Xperia Play (With the option to map them comfortable for any function)
2) the option to save the settings for each game
3) to see a small capture every save state saved, so best to choose which to load ..

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - ocenyx - 05-20-2014 10:22 PM

Custom rendering resolution slider with intervals of 0.1---akin to the CPU frequency slider

Android desperately needs moar rendering resolutions.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - Synnae - 05-21-2014 06:37 PM

I'd like a feature to let you change the game's brightness/saturation/contrast.

PCSX2's gsdx plugin has that, and it works pretty well.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - xboxmandude - 05-22-2014 11:32 AM

Ppsspp live wallpaper android Lol
The background thing of the app is cool it would make a great live wallpaper

Suggestion: individual game settings. - Nightquaker - 05-23-2014 01:13 AM

Hello there! :3

I have a suggestion for developers of PPSSPP.
Is there a chance you could implement emulation settings for individual games? Some games need different rendering method, frameskip or certain functions disabled and that would be very convenient to have an option to use individual settings for every game instead of changing them everytime you switch to different games.
Besides, there's already an interface for that, which is settings option in triangle/right click game menu. At the moment, that option has general emulation settings, but you can separate it and make settings in it individual for the game and general emulation settings can be accessed from settings option on startup screen with list of games.

This is just an idea I had recently, but please, consider it.
Thank you :3

RE: Suggestion: individual game settings. - bhavin192 - 05-23-2014 03:45 AM

look here

it's requested many times

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - TheDax - 05-23-2014 04:03 AM


RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - nex86 - 05-23-2014 05:00 PM

(05-11-2014 10:14 AM)Alex75 Wrote:  Because tablets are more powerful

If you mean by Tablet a Surface Pro, then I agree, Android, no.

RE: PPSSPP Feature Request Page - mobilefan - 05-24-2014 02:27 PM

Please ADD THE FUNKING per-game settings!11. (android?) I know, it's an enthusiast project, and I just can't demanding anything at all, but I merely think it's SOOOO simple to develop and givin' SOOOOOOOOOOO many happy karma to all of us simple and unnoticed users.

Please, please, please, please, please... 9000x pleases! Angel Heart Angry