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Taito Legends Power-Up - Dr. Woodenstein - 04-23-2013 10:30 PM

Title: Taito Legends Power-Up
Genre: Compilation
Region: North America
Format: CSO
Version: v0.7.6-61-gc675a9b
OS: Android
Device: Unrooted Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch
Compatibility: Playable
Notes: You have to turn off media engine to play. Game plays great, no issues.

RE: Taito Legends Power-Up - sfageas - 04-25-2013 07:37 AM

Added to compatibility list

RE: Taito Legends Power-Up - kumijorma - 01-07-2017 05:46 PM

Just a comment about the game settings (for those who wonder):

Taito Legends Power-Up - Alpine Ski

In above-mentioned game, around trees and other objects appear black edges now and then, just randomly.

There are two ways fixing the problem (both of them have side effects):

- Enabling "Lazy texture caching" will keep the black lines around objects.

- Setting "Lower resolution for effects (reduces artifacts)" to "Aggressive" will remove the lines, but as known, lowering the image quality.


- "Nearest" as "Texture filtering" seems to do the trick.

- "5xBR" as "Postprocessing shader" looks great for older games, but it hurts the menus and newer games.

It's not easy to find all-around filtering settings that look great for every game in the collection.

RE: Taito Legends Power-Up - jamyskis - 06-27-2018 07:03 AM

I've not been able to replicate kumijorma's problem with Alpine Ski above in v.1.6.3, so it seems that the problem is fixed.

Everything seems to work fine so far - setting the resolution to host native resolution ("Auto") and setting texture filtering to "Nearest" allows the games to upscale to fullscreen much more elegantly than to PSP native resolution. Useful tip for retro compilations in general.