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Trojan-Ulthar - Zerkev - 07-28-2022 04:12 AM

i was downloading this emulator trough the main website/official website, when i'm extracting the file, my microsoft defender suddenly alert me that there's a trojan that just come out, when i look at the source, it was from the PPSSPP folder (, is it normal for something like that to happen or not? and, is there any solution to download the emulator without a trojan/virus in it?

RE: Trojan-Ulthar - [Unknown] - 07-30-2022 02:43 PM

Using virustotal with the official URL doesn't show any trojans. If your copy is different, it might mean that a networking device (router, etc.) in your network has been hacked. It could also simply be a misdetection from Defender.

You can also install Visual Studio and compile PPSSPP from the source code, which might be the safest way.