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GTA Liberty City Stories - CelynRollins - 01-01-2022 03:12 AM


I'm playing GTA Liberty City Stories (ISO) (ULUS10041) and when I activate the 60 FPS code, sometimes it does play at 60 FPS, but going through the map, the frame rate cap changes back and forth to 30 or 45 FPS and maybe back to 60 FPS. Is this a bug with the 60 FPS code, and do other people have this bug? So far I've disabled the code, and played at 30 FPS.

My PC specs aren't the issue, I have an i7 6900k and a GTX 1080 TI. I set the CPU speed in the emulator to 1000 Mhz.

I've never had the frame rate cap change with any other codes in other games. Seems very unusual.

RE: GTA Liberty City Stories - LunaMoo - 01-01-2022 10:21 PM

Not necessarily a bug, most cheats and patches aren't tested from start to finish, if they appear working well enough or can teach others something people share them. It's possible author does not know about the issue or knows about it, but wasn't able to solve it and described it while sharing, but others reposted it without that added info. It's quite common for 60 fps patches to cause unusual behaviour, variable fps is the least of their problem compared to things like changed physics or broken cutscenes.