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Hello - HaloN1 - 11-10-2021 08:51 AM

Could he PPSSPP developers implement a built-in software for playing online like ZeroTier inside?
There is a project called DevilutionX that is a reverse engineered Diablo 1.
They got a built-in ZeroTier implementation for playing the game over the internet easily.
More info here:

RE: Hello - HaloN1 - 11-11-2021 06:51 AM

Yes my thread now posted.

RE: Hello - AdamN - 11-11-2021 04:03 PM

built-in tunneling/VPN is for future plan, but not anytime soon, since a lot of things will need to be changed.
May be after infrastructure support being implemented and matured enough, and most when most adhoc games can at least worked properly on LAN (currently there are games that can't even handle 5ms+ ping properly)

RE: Hello - Deletas - 12-13-2021 02:18 AM

It's possible. I can make radmin or zerotier server 24/7 and it will work with most of the games.Also it requires like tons of severs in many different continents ASIA EUROPE RUSSIA USA and so on and it's not cheap . Then all the people connected from same countries would get lowest ping as possible. because Adhoc was designed to play with a person next to you. If you play a Pc game with people from same country and you have good internet connection your ping is between 4 or 10 at max so it would be perfect. Also it would cost lots of money. But it's possible Smile. Anyway psp is really outdated and old console not many people interested it would be more interesting back in 2006 or something.