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SD card root problem - tudesoh - 10-28-2021 01:14 PM


I'm new to the ppsspp and bought the gold version.
I've got the app on Samsung s20 and found it easy to the games on my phone to play.

Due to the size of the games, I bought a new sd card for my phone and put games on there. Unfortunately I can not find the root to the SD card to play or find the games in app.

On the app I've pressed the 'up' arrow in GAME, but when it gets passed the the emulator file there are no files or anything there hence not being able to find the location to the sd card or even phone files.

I've tried looking the answer up but getting no where!

I've tried different methods - ie changing memory card location in setting but getting no joy. Please help!

Thanks in advance.

RE: SD card root problem - Kasey009 - 12-06-2021 10:18 AM

When navigating the PPSSPP Menu, up and down on the joystick are inverted. This is not an issue when I try running games (cave story form the homebrew channel for testing).