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no update for macOS? - Supreme_Shade - 09-22-2021 06:36 PM

Hey guys. ive been using the PPSSPP emulator for a while and i have no problems until now. it keeps telling me to update it but i can't. I see there are updates for windows and iOS and android.. everything expect for mac, did anything happen?

for example, i play Midnight Club L.A. Remix and for the first quarter of the game everything works. but after a while things don't load at all. you cant get past any loading screens, even the 'go to menus' one. the frame rate drops from 98 to 0/0 and stays there. the game itself is completely frozen and i can't do absolutely anything. maybe it has something to do with me running and older version of the emulator?

thank you Big GrinHuhSad