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PPSSPP Performance Testing - dmunny - 09-12-2021 10:52 PM

Howdy. Is there a way to measure FPS & game speed in a machine readable format? Logs, for example.

I am interested in doing automatic performance testing on PPSSPP. It looks like the command line supports almost everything I need [1], but I could not find a way to view FPS & game speed other than what gets rendered in-game. Is there any other way to access that information in plaintext?


RE: PPSSPP Performance Testing - [Unknown] - 09-19-2021 08:02 PM

I recommend you enable "LogFrameDrops" in settings, which will log something that looks like this whenever a frame is dropped:

Dropping frames - budget = %.2fms / %.1ffps, actual = %.2fms (+%.2fms) / %.1ffps
<stats about frame>

This should tell you whenever the emulation falls behind, although it won't tell you about the current FPS. I'm planning to add an API for that, though. You can subscribe to log data using the websocket API and intercept the frame drop logging.