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Playing Videogames! (PPSSPP on iOS) - xx1182 - 08-30-2021 12:05 AM

I do not have an "I" device and neither intend to get one:

I was just looking out of curiosity at the download, and the """install instructions""" seems very complicated,(you know iPhone users)

I've noticed this software is released under GPL.

Are you guys ok with me calling it PPSSPP Platinum(1.99) and publishing it on the appstore? Idk but I guess their build tools aren't that complicated.

This may sound like a joke, but, consider Stacy, the blonde who may be """afraid of virus""" and Jack the ripped that finds it too complicated.


RE: Playing Videogames! - Henrik - 08-30-2021 09:28 AM

Emulators are not allowed on the App Store, unlike Google Play, so this will not work.