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Brooktown High Fix? - Amigo0923 - 05-12-2021 06:49 AM

Will Brooktown ever get fix? I've been waiting for years for it to be fix but it's not happening. i just hope someone fix it because its completely broken right now. The only thing that is working is the intro after that its completely broken

RE: Brooktown High Fix? - aishka - 07-11-2021 12:53 AM

i tried to play it today, it still doesn't work after 2 years of waiting haha

RE: Brooktown High Fix? - Donald784 - 07-26-2021 08:39 AM

Movies are playing in slow motion,still must disable buffered rendering in main menu and freezes(music keep playing) at the same point

RE: Brooktown High Fix? - Blow562 - 07-27-2021 06:12 AM

Pangya is a known black screen problem in PPSSPP. Hot Shots Tennis runs fine for me (same game as Everybody's Tennis?). Never tried the other one.

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RE: Brooktown High Fix? - Liliana - 08-10-2021 05:41 AM

Brooktown High APK + ISO PSP is a Popular Android Game and people want to get it on their android phones and tables for Free.

RE: Brooktown High Fix? - mylincoln portal login - 09-16-2021 08:13 AM

Brooktown high APK only works in software gpu,in openGL,it's black and slow,disable slower effects may help the speed. openGL software gpu frame dump