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Joystick sensivity issues - TheRacer28 - 05-03-2021 11:24 AM

So I want to use the tactile joystick in android for a faster steering sensitivity in racing games, but it happens to me that the analog steering levels are very limited (Only 2 or 3) the difference of turn between the last level and the previous one is very large, being uncomfortable to move it gradually to avoid oversteering, I have removed the deadzone of the joystick and increased its sensitivity but it remains the same, as I remember the PSP Joystick has a much smaller travel than the DualShock controls, right? So this is a problem with the emulator or console limitations? Is there any way to fix it? The D-Pad is more accurate at the end?

RE: Joystick sensivity issues - LunaMoo - 05-03-2021 02:52 PM

(05-03-2021 11:24 AM)TheRacer28 Wrote:  (...)
So this is a problem with the emulator or console limitations?

Neither, althrough caused by PSP thumbstick design.

Most PSP games simply did not used thumbstick at all, used it in digital mode or limiting it through game functions, since while thumbstick had technically an accuracy of large sticks, it was impossible to control it with such accuracy anyway and it was also most commonly broken part so games often ignored it's real accuracy and included few steps at max. Commonly games even faked analog input by adding acceleration to smooth the actual lack of steps they were using, so the issue becomes much clearer when running PSP game on emulator with a proper gamepad or even a touch screen, but overall this is a problem caused by game design, not actual console limitation nor emulator problem.

(05-03-2021 11:24 AM)TheRacer28 Wrote:  (...)
Is there any way to fix it?

Not in any generic way, but possible by patching the game itself.

Even games that never had analog support can be patched to have a proper full range analog input, I did a few patches like that for right analog(which didn't existed at all on PSP, but is actually supported by it's syscalls), for example for MGS: PW, unfortunately while reasonably easy to do and for the most part problem free, such patches are very time consuming to make, something I unfortunately don't have anymore in excess and even less during pandemic. Unfortunately patches to enhance analog controls in PSP games never become as popular as fps patches(despite those breaking stuff in most games) so I don't think anyone actively making them.