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Device / iso confusion - Goddard81 - 04-02-2021 08:24 AM

I'm in a state of confusion, I have the current version of the app on both my galaxy s5e tablet and my galaxy s20 phone, I have a couple of dozen games in iso file format which all run fine on my tablet but only 4 of them run on my phone. Same app, same files, the only difference is different devices (and the one I Want to run them on isn't the one that they work on). I hope this thread is in the right place and that someone can help me.

RE: Device / iso confusion - [Unknown] - 04-05-2021 12:53 AM

Can you go into more detail on what you mean by doesn't run?

Your phone may be less powerful or have worse graphical drivers, so even with the same settings it might not run as fast or render as well.

Have you tried resetting the settings to defaults? You may have applied a speedhack or cheat that's breaking things.


RE: Device / iso confusion - Goddard81 - 04-05-2021 06:51 AM

By wont run, I mean the image thumbnail shows up either blank or white with a question mark, then when I click on it to start the game, it simply doesn't start up. Hardware I dont know much about, I'm not that savvy to it, thars why I need the help lol. How do I find out about the drivers? I haven't changed any settings in the emulator, my assumption being that the default is set as such for the reasons of being the best to use. Same app on each device with same settings, same iso file.